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how to clean your house like a pro

How To Clean Your House Like A Pro | 13 Easy Cleaning Tips

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Imagine if every time someone walked into your home the first thing they said was *wowwwwww, your house is amazing!* If you’d like people gushing all over your housekeeping skills while you pretend to not eat up every single minute of it, keep reading to discover how to clean your house like a pro! Even if you’re allergic to cleaning.

The benefit of cleaning your house like a professional is big

There’s nothing like coming home to a house that’s been cleaned by a cleaning pro! The house seems to be on a next-level type of clean that you would never get if you cleaned your house – so what’s the difference between how you clean and how a cleaning pro does it? 

Cleaning professionals can get a house cleaned from top to bottom quick! Without missing anything. (For the most part). Which is what everyone wants right? To be able to clean your house fast and do it right.

So the skinny of this is that you really just want to get the cleanest house possible with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time. Which is really about mastering *efficiency*.

That’s the hallmark of any business that’s been able to scale to the moon – striving to be as efficient as possible. That means things like no wasted movements. Or even investing in cleaning products and supplies that can help you get the job done. Not buying the cheapest vacuum possible because you hate vacuuming.

Because I’ve had the opportunity to train so many beginners – including some absolutely terrible *professional* cleaners –  I know the things you need to do to start doing and more importantly, stop doing.

There’s no single magic trick that’ll make you clean your house like a pro overnight.

Hmmm… I probably shouldn’t have written that but, it’s true. There’s an art to cleaning guys…the same way you probably can’t paint your nails as good as a nail tech. (Coronavirus may have forced you to up your game!)

Practice will be what helps you paint the nails on your left-hand – and not the skin on your fingers – and it will be what transforms your housekeeping skills hands-down. So remember that as you run through the tips and ideas below.

*cue the confetti drop*, here are the tips you need to clean your house like a professional – or better!

room by room cleaning checklist printables

13 Tips To Help You Clean Your House Like A Professional

1 // Clean Task By Task


Clean faster by simply cleaning task by task. Work on one task at a time and once it’s completed in the entire house, you move on to the next task.  Tasks are dusting, bathrooms, kitchen, floors, decluttering, etc.  


Not only does this help prevent you from becoming distracted, you can easily and quickly move throughout the house because you only need cleaning products and tools related to that one task.  And because you’re doing the same task over and over, you’ll be able to get a good workflow or system going which will help you finish up the job a lot quicker!!


  • Start by making a list of everything you want to clean. For this example, let’s say you want to dust and vacuum all the bedrooms and living room today.
  • Instead of cleaning a room at a time – dusting and vacuuming then moving on to the next room to do the same – you’re going to stick to one task. Dusting.
  • Dust every room on your list. Once you’re done, then and only then can you move on to the next task – vacuuming.

If this is a new way of cleaning for you, I’ll be honest, you may not clean faster the first time you try it.  But stick with it! Once you get the hang of it, I promise you will literally clean with lightning speed!

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2 // Clean Top To Bottom + Left To Right Everywhere, Every Time


 The classic rules of cleaning are as follows // Work From Left to Right + Top To Bottom +  Back To Front. I don’t care what you’re cleaning – you should always use these rules to guide your cleaning process.  It’s simple and the smartest way to clean.


Follow these rules to ensure you’re always cleaning in a manner that is smart.  If you do it right, you’ll almost never have to reclean anything!

  • Look up when you walk into any room. High points in the room are often neglected but should always be the first priority when cleaning. Ceiling fans, lights, ceiling corners and blinds should be cleaned first. Let the dust from these items settle, then clean the furniture.
  • Counters and other furniture surfaces need to be cleaned from back to front. Remember, you want to capture as much dust and debris as possible in your towel and knock whatever is left to the floor.
  • Where should you start cleaning a room? Always start with the wall on the left and work your way around the room. Whether you’re decluttering or dusting, this rule works every time so you always know where to start.

3 // Cleaning Routines Are Everything 


Create unstoppable momentum by using routines!  Always know where to start & what to do no matter how messy or cluttered an area is.  Following the same routine will dramatically reduce your cleaning time.  And improve your confidence as well.    


  • List out the order you want to go in to clean your house. For example, you can decide to always dust first, clean the laundry room second, bathrooms third, kitchen fourth and floors last.  Don’t overthink it – there’s no right or wrong order to go in.   
  • Once your general routine is made, break the routine down a bit further and create a routine for each room.  For instance, create a bathroom cleaning routine, a kitchen cleaning routine, etc.  Focus on creating a routine for the areas that take you the longest to clean.    

Depending on how often you clean, you will need to follow your routines for a month or two before they really stick but once they do, you will shave a ridiculous amount of time off your cleanings!  

Need an idea for a cleaning routine or cleaning schedule?  // The 20 Minute Daily Cleaning Routine + Weekly Cleaning  Schedule |Swipe the cleaning routine here or use it for inspiration to create your own!  I made it for busy women with kids that want a simple way to keep the house clean that’s actually possible regardless of how busy you are.

4 // Clean The Picture Frames On The Walls

cleaning tips to help you clean like a pro


You’d be surprised by how many things in your house aren’t clean – even if you clean all the time. Certain areas are almost always dirty simply because they aren’t noticed.

Pictures on walls, ceiling fans, low hanging lights, underneath furniture – they have a way of blending into the background of your house and skipped on cleaning day.


  • Clean along the outside edge of the room first – along the wall. When something blocks your path, like a sofa or other object, move it so that you can get everything on the wall. Don’t worry, you only need to do this a few times a year.
  • Inspect your house – high & low – and make a list of the neglected areas you find. Put those missed areas at the top of your cleaning lists so that you can get into the habit of regularly cleaning those areas.

Sometimes you don’t realize how dirty something is until you wipe it one time – so wipe it.  An example is an unused bathroom or even a tv.  It may not necessarily be dirty, but guess what?  It’s probably dusty. 

5 // Spray Then Walk Away


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when cleaning is spraying a product and immediately cleaning right afterward. Most products simply need time to work so get a little patience and let the products work for you. To clean your house like a pro, start *pre-treating* whenever possible.


Dwell time is the name of the game. Spray and walk-away. From 5 minutes to 30 minutes – follow product-specific instructions of course – the point is to give the product a chance to work.

  • Dirty, grimy surfaces in your bathrooms and kitchen are usually the places where you need to take advantage of dwell time. 
  • Once the product has sat for a few minutes, clean as usual, rinse and repeat as many times as needed.
  • You should only have to lightly scrub the surface, not throw your back out to get it clean.

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6 // Homemade Cleaning Products Are Fantastic But…

natural cleaning product cleaning tips


Save the earth and your health by using natural cleaning products! Just be sure to adjust your expectations a tad. I love baking soda and vinegar but I also know how far they’ll get me. Clean your house like a pro by knowing what to expect from your cleaning products. This will prevent you from endlessly scrubbing something that simply isn’t going to budge.


For light or maintenance cleaning, most natural cleaning products – vinegar and baking soda based – will do the job! With that being said, for tough jobs, don’t expect them to work as quickly – or effectively – as store-bought, cleaning products. For example, nothing natural bleaches as effectively as bleach.

  • A good rule of thumb to follow is the tougher the job, the longer your natural cleaning products will need to work – so set aside extra time and prepare to scrub!

Vinegar is natural which means it’s safe to use on everything right?  Wrong!   Yes, it’s pretty amazing but there are some things you should know before you clean your house with vinegar again!  Read this post to learn the ins and outs of cleaning with vinegar!


Dawn and vinegar. Fill a bottle with half dawn and half (warmed) white vinegar. Spray on the soap scum. The end. Yeh, it’s that amazing!

room by room cleaning checklist printables

7 //  Bust Up Clutter Quickly


No matter what you’re cleaning, moving clutter out of the way is always the first step. But let’s be honest, there’s a big difference between moving a few items out of the way – which takes zero time – and clearing a surface covered with junk. Clutter can be overwhelming.

Take if from our friends at DenGarden, the first thing to understand is that there’s a difference between clearing clutter and cleaning. A lot of times when we’re cleaning our own houses, we do both at the same time, but this is not the most efficient way.


For surfaces that are cluttered or just have a lot of items on them, you can do one of two things to easily get everything out of the way : 

  • Starting at the left edge of the counter or surface, shift the items to the right to clear a small section of the surface.  Clean that small section and then place the appropriate items back in the section neatly.

Move down the counter or furniture surface repeating the process.

  • Remove the items from the surface altogether if that’s easier.  Either place the items on the floor, in a bin or in a basket. Once you’re done cleaning the surface, place the items back on the surface neatly.

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8 // Have Cleaning Supplies That Make You Want To Clean

cleaning tips


Raggedy rags leave lint.  Dull razors scratch.  Clogged spray bottles don’t spray.  Dirty vacuum cleaners get clogged up – and spit dirt back onto the floor.  All of these things slow you down – and leave you less motivated to clean.  


Buying a new cleaning product instantly puts you into a cleaning mode! Like buying a new pair of shoes, you will want to try out your new product as soon as you get home. Experiment often but once you find cleaning products you love and enjoy using, be sure to keep them stocked. Auto-ship options from places like Amazon can help you do this.

Prolong the life of your cleaning towels by using mild detergent and air-drying them.  Microfiber towels are my go-to but if you don’t take care of them, they loose their usefulness quickly.

Vacuum cleaners can be a big splurge – and they should be! Vacuuming floors takes a lot of effort so you should definitely treat yourself to a vacuum that makes the job easier. Just remember you actually need to wash those filters and clean those brush rolls to keep it in tip-top shape!

CLEAN YOUR HOUSE LIKE A PRO WITH THESE PRODUCTS // all-purpose cleaner + apron + bucket + caddy + disposable gloves + extension cord + floor cleanerfurniture polish + glass towel + high duster + microfiber towels + mold & mildew remover + mop + pumice stone + scour sponges + small trash bags + soft scrub + tile & grout brush + vacuum

9 // Inspect Your Work From Different Angles 

inspect your work from different angles


What you see when you clean is different from what you see when you’re living in the house so to speak.  Not looking at a room or surface from different angles is a good way to miss spots and stains that are very noticeable.  


  • When you clean your dining room table, for example, grab a chair and sit down for a second. 
  • Look at the table surface. What you see when you’re standing over the table cleaning is different from what you may see when sitting down.

Be sure to remember this as you clean throughout the house.  Double-checking your work and checking rooms – and surfaces – from different angles is an absolute must if you want to clean your house like a pro. 

10 // Don’t Just Wipe, Actually Clean


Wiping a surface is really just knocking loose dirt, dust or debris out of the way.  It’s what you do to maintain things in-between cleanings.  But when it’s time to clean, like when you need to get rid of heavy build-up or tough, stuck-on debris, wiping won’t cut it.  


  • Start with a damp cleaning towel or sponge – rinse it under water and wring it out.
  • Fold the towel into a square so that it’s nice and flat.
  • Press down firmly or apply enough pressure when using a scrubbing pad or cleaning cloth to actually remove buildup.  
  • Rinse the towel or sponge often and finish off with a dry towel.


Just take your hand and run it across the surface.  Your fingers should glide over the surface feeling nothing but smoothness.  If you feel something rough, get back to cleaning!

11 // Get In & Get Out


Some people claim that taking all day to clean means they are good at cleaning but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  A lot of times, it simply means you don’t know a better, smarter way to clean.

The two main reasons people take all day to clean is because they don’t have a plan and they get distracted. Hello Pinterest.

When it’s time to clean, it should be time to clean – not watch Netflix or start up a convo on Facebook. Whenever you call the plumber to fix a leak, he comes over, gets the job done – usually in jaw-dropping time – and is out!

He’s focused, has all his tools and knows what he’s there for. So basically, channel your inner plumber when it’s time to clean.


If you want to clean your house like a pro, you don’t need to rush but you don’t need to drag your feet either.  Tracking your time is an excellent way to stay focused and clean faster!

  • Choose a place to start cleaning. For this example, let’s say you’re cleaning the kitchen.
  • Decide how long it should take you to clean. An area like the bathroom or kitchen could take 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Set the timer for the amount of time you decided on. In this case, it’ll be 45 minutes.  
  • Hit start! Clean a section at a time, work from top to bottom, left to right and you’ll be done in no time.

If you don’t finish before the timer goes off, that’s no biggie. Just work towards getting the kitchen cleaned in 45 minutes and eventually you’ll get there!

12 // *How* You Clean Matters More Than Your Cleaning Products

make your stainless steel fridge shine


The way you clean something makes all the difference in the world!  If you don’t have proper technique, you end up with crappy results even if you do everything else right.  Think swirls on your fridge or streaky floors after you’ve cleaned them with an expensive cleaner.


  • Always work in the direction of the grain when you’re polishing or cleaning stainless steel. Same goes for hardwood floors to minimize the appearance of streaks. (A cleaning pro secret)
  • Clean and dry surfaces with towels that are folded and flat – not crumpled up.  
  • Vacuum out of rooms by plugging up the vacuum outside of the room. This is how you get a room with perfect vacuum lines – and no dreaded footprints from having to go back in the room to unplug the vacuum.  

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13 // Staging Makes Your House Look Super Clean


Whether you’re actually clean professionally or you’re trying to clean your house like a pro, doing things not typically on a cleaning checklist adds that heart-stopping magical sparkle to a house that pros are known to do! 


  • Fold the last sheet of toilet paper into a triangle like they do in a hotel. Make sure towels are folded the same while you’re at it!
  • Remake beds so that the sheets are nice and tight – and the bed is undeniably smooth.
  • Make sure all the blinds are pointing in the same direction. Curtains also need to be pulled back or open – whatever it is just make sure each window is identical.
  • Fix loose or crooked pictures on your walls.
  • Fluff pillows on sofas or beds. Vacuum cushions and wipe them off to really refresh the entire room.
  • If you don’t have the gift of decorating like Joanna Gaines – hallowed be thy name – no worries! Arranging items from tallest to shortest always works.
  • Corners, corners, corners. Our eyes are naturally drawn to corners so be sure to wipe out corners – especially in bathrooms – to really brighten the place up!

Making small adjustments in these areas will make a magical impact on your home. These are some of the same staging pointers a realtor will give you if you’re selling your home. And some of the secrets you need if you want to clean your house like a pro!

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Good things are meant to be shared! Save this to your Pinterest account so you can actually find it later and so others can see you’ve got all the good stuff!

How To Clean Your House Like A Pro // Clean Faster, Smarter & Better With This Epic Guide!

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