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Cleaning Services in Columbia SC

It’s our mission to give you the reliability of a big cleaning company with the flexibility of a personal maid.   

Oh, and consistently good cleanings. 

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What others say about Our House Cleaning Services!

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"Sonia and Maria blew me away today. My house looked absolutely amazing. Plus they had masks, shoe covers, gloves, and everything was just so...clean! I was so impressed. Who else can I tell about you guys?"
Peggy S.
Retired | Lake Carolina
Client since 2017
Rate this cleaning service:
“I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Our house can get a little messy sometimes, but somehow, you guys make magic happen. I put the word out in my facebook groups. All of them. And thank you for putting up with my mess."
Lauren M.
Work From Home | Blythewood
Client since January 2020
our packages

Our House Cleaning Services Packages

Whatever your situation, we’ve got a cleaning package for it.  And of course, if you don’t see what you need, simply go with the custom option.  

We also offer partial cleanings so feel free to let us know what’s going on and we’ll be happy to customize a package for you.  

Check out a few of the packages we have: 

Also referred to as maid services or housekeeping, this is THE most popular cleaning package we have.  

A clean microwave.  Sparkling counters.  Fresh vacuum lines.  A house that feels, looks and smells clean.   You can’t go wrong with this one. 

Best for weekly, biweekly or monthly service.

Initial & One-Time Cleaning prices start at $199

Recurring Service prices start at $140

Get a spring cleaning anytime of year!   Sometimes your house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom.

If you want your blinds and baseboards cleaned so that your  house has clean vibes for months, this is for you. 

This package is usually booked as a first-time cleaning.  Most clients request a deep cleaning 2-6 times per year.  

Pricing for this package starts at $240

Moving is hard.  We’ll make the move easier by delivering a “like new” house!  Pass any inspection.  Or satisfy a very picky buyer.   

Choose the standard move-out cleaning package which includes cleaning the insides of cabinets and appliances, as well as cleaning & sanitizing of all rooms, counters and surfaces.   

Or upgrade to the deep move-out package.  It includes blinds, baseboards, door trim and other detail cleaning tasks. 

Best done as soon as the house becomes vacant.  

Prices start at $159

Whether you just want the bathrooms cleaned or only one half of the house cleaned, we are more than happy to follow your custom cleaning plan.  


Oven cleaning is $49

Refrigerator cleaning is $49

Changing the bed linens are $7 per bed – must strip beds and leave new sheets out 

What's on our standard House cleaning checklist?

This cleaning packages has everything most people are looking for when hiring a professional cleaning service.  Whether you want a one-time cleaning, recurring service or even a move-out cleaning, every cleaning package we offer is built off this package.  

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean and sanitize all surfaces in the kitchen.  Take out the trash.  Sweep, vacuum & mop the floors.  

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and sanitize all surfaces in the bathroom.  Take out the trash. Sweep, vacuum & mop the floors. 

All Rooms

Dust, clean & sanitize surfaces including counters, mirrors,  furniture & floors.  Vacuum and mop.  

New Clients Always Save!  Ask about our current specials.

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Flat Rate Pricing

All we need to know is the square footage of your home, the condition and how often you’d like it cleaned to get your pricing.   

Instead of guessing how much your cleanings will be each time, you’ll have flat rate prices for the cleaning packages you request

Germ Free Cleaning

We use fresh materials at every appointment to prevent cross-contamination between houses. And we have a covid-19 policy in place.

When it comes to the products we use to clean, it’s up to you. We have everything we need but we’re happy to use your products .


Not A Franchise

We’re actually a vet & woman owned business that started in Lake Carolina.  One of our favorite places in all of Columbia!

If you prefer to work with a local, small business, yippee – we’re that!  Maybe one day we will franchise. Who knows…

Here are answers to your

Frequently asked questions

Yes.  We will assign one to two cleaners to your home so that you’ll always know who’s there.  If they need a day off that happens to fall on your cleaning day, we will contact you to reschedule the appointment.  We will only send a different cleaner if you request one.  

We bring an arsenal of cleaning products & tools to get the job done.  The two things we ask clients to provide are: 

1 – toilet brushes  in each bathroom

2 – a vacuum cleaner that works

With that being said, if you have specific cleaning products you’d like us to use, we’re happy to do so. 

We do! 

Tip:  If you have a lot of rugs, we suggest you remove some of them prior to your cleaning so that it’s easier to clean the floor.   And you won’t have to worry about us putting them back in the wrong place. 

We no longer make beds due to precautions we are taking in light of Covid-19.  

However, if you have a stripped bed and would like us to put the  new sheets on, we’re happy to do so.  

*Additional fees apply

Only if you want to!  As long as we can enter the home and secure it when we finish, we don’t need anyone to be in the home while we clean.   You can provide a key or a code for your garage or door.  

Tips are always welcomed but not required!  If you would like to leave a tip, either leave them cash or add the additional amount when you pay your invoice.  

It’s easy!   Whenever you refer someone to us, tell them to provide your name.  After your friend’s cleaning, you’ll receive a $25 credit towards your next service.  

Let us know within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will gladly come back.   We want you to love your cleaning so give us the opportunity to make it right.  And if you’re still not happy, you’ll get your money back! 

Please do not book if you’re under quarantine.  Even if you don’t have symptoms.  Once your quarantine is over, we are more than happy to give you a good cleaning!  

The most weighted factors used to calculate your pricing are square footage being cleaned, number of bathrooms, clutter and of course, the overall condition.  

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cleaning service for you?

Let’s find out…
A house cleaning service that’s reliable,  trustworthy and actually does a good job cleaning is a good start.  And guess what?  We’re all of that!
But that’s just the beginning. 
We have standard cleaning packages, but every single client is unique.  

So whether you’re kinda picky about a few things or have a mess on your hands and really just need some help – or even somewhere in between – we’ve got you.  
Our mission is to become your long term ally when it comes to making sure your home always reflects the best parts of you. 

If you think we’ll be a good fit, tap the Get Pricing button.

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