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House Cleaning Service in Columbia, SC 👌

Cleaning is a *heckuva* job. Let us do it.

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Professional Cleaners 🤩

  When we do the cleaning, you get cleaning professionals that are friendly, reliable, love what they do and will stop at nothing to destroy every dust bunny in sight.  

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This House cleaning Service gets 5-star reviews

professional housekeepers in COLUMBIA SC
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"Sonia and Maria blew me away today. My house looked absolutely amazing. Plus they had masks, shoe covers, gloves, and everything was just so...clean! I was so impressed. Who else can I tell about you guys?"
Peggy S.
Retired | Lake Carolina
Client since 2017
Rate this cleaning service:
“I don't know what I'd do without you guys. Our house can get a little messy sometimes, but somehow, you guys make magic happen. I put the word out in my facebook groups. All of them. And thank you for putting up with my mess."
Lauren M.
Work From Home | Blythewood
Client since January 2020

Cleaning Service In Columbia, SC




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House Cleaning Services We Offer:

Cleaning Services We Do Not Offer

Of all the cleaning services in columbia, sc why us?

Choosing a cleaning service can be hard.

After all, there are so many here in Columbia.   You truly have your pick of the litter.  

So instead of telling you about us, let’s tell you more about the kinds of people that love us. 

Some of our clients are single professionals that have very active social lives.  They travel, eat lots of takeout, & love to recharge in their clean, cozy space.

Most are families with hectic schedules.  Getting help with the house gives them a chance to actually sit down and take a well deserved break from all the hustle & bustle.  

We have a few super particular clients.  Sheets must be folded basic training style.  We even have a few cat ladies – up to their neck in cat hair.  

But none of that is an issue.  As a matter of fact, we welcome it.  

We’ve been doing this since 2013 & truly believe having a cleaning service to care for your home is essential if you want to live and work from a place of rest.  Not 24/7 hustle.

We cater to busy people like you that need the reliability of a cleaning service with the flexibility of a maid.   And understand the importance of delivering consistently good service that you can rely on.  

We think you’ll love us, but if you don’t we’ll make it right.  Or you’ll get your money back.  

Ready to give us a try?  Just tap the Get Pricing button or give us a call today.

Cleaning service in columbia sc

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Get Pricing

Tell us a little about your home or office using the “get pricing” button or just call 803-474-4774.  You’ll receive an email with your pricing in about 24 hours.   

Book Your Cleaning

Choose the cleaning package that’s perfect for you.   Or you can even create a custom cleaning plan.  Once that’s out the way, just let us know the date you’d like your cleaning.   

Refer & Repeat

Enjoy big savings on regular cleanings or book us on as-needed basis.  Whatever works for you, works for us.  And save even more on your cleanings by referring friends!

MORE reasons to choose The Cleaning Club!

Safety First

Trusting someone to clean your home is a big deal. That’s why we’re picky about who we let join our team. 

Every member of our staff is a seasoned cleaning professional.  And has passed a background check.  

No Contracts

We figure that as long as we deliver a refreshingly clean house, we’ll have a job.

Whether you want us to come regularly or as needed, you’re not stuck with us if things change.

Same Cleaner

The idea of a different person in your home cleaning every week isn’t exactly cool.  

So we won’t do that.  We assign a cleaner or two so that you’ll always know who is in your space.

Hello small business owner!

We've got commercial cleaning services too!

You have many hats to  juggle.  

Often times, certain things like the cleaning of your office gets neglected. Or worse, tasked out to employees that are always thinking to themselves – this wasn’t in the job description. 

Hire us to take care of your office or facility so that you always look good.  But not only that, your employees will notice & according to scientist, you may see a little boost in morale.  And productivity.  #WinWin

So while you’ll still have a million things to take care of, a dirty business won’t be one of them.  Here are the types of businesses we’re cleaning around Columbia: 

Law Offices 

– Hair Salons

– Medical Offices 

– Insurance Offices

–  And more!

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