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THIS Is How To Keep Your House Clean & Organized All The Time

Written by in Cleaning Tips, Organization Tips

Sick and tired of living cluttered and messy? Skip the cookie-cutter tips and get straight to these 10 super easy tips that’ll show you how to keep your house clean and organized. All. The. Time. Let’s kick things off with a big, fresh dose of truth… Getting your house clean and keeping it clean will […]

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Help! My House is Cluttered & I Don’t Know Where to Start!

Written by in Cleaning Tips

When your house is a mess, you’re a mess.  And when you’re a mess, your house is a mess.   So if you’re feeling more easily triggered than usual because your house is cluttered & you don’t know where to start, I’ve got some incredibly simple tips to help you get rid of your stubborn clutter. […]

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Why Is Decluttering So Hard? And How To Make It Unhard.

Written by in Cleaning Tips

Oh why oh why is “decluttering” so hard!? Well…for starters, there are many reasons my child. Got 5-7 minutes? Pull up a seat. Growing up, aside from wearing white pantyhose I believe were manufactured by North Face – in Alabama – my second biggest stress trigger is thinking about my mom *decluttering* the house. It […]

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How to Use Lung-Safe Household Cleaners for a Happy, Healthy Home

Written by in Cleaning Products, Natural Cleaning Products

Toss out the cleaning products that make your eyes burn and lungs wheeze right now. Thanks to our friends at Asbestos.com, we have a refreshingly quick guide to help you clean your house without having to use toxic cleaning products. When it comes to cleaning, everyone and every home has a different go-to method. From […]

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Clean your house in 15 minutes a day. Seriously.

Written by in Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Schedule, Home Management, Lifestyle

Wondering how to clean your house in 15-minutes a day or think it’s just not possible? Well you’re in for a treat. The tips and insight I give you below will open your eyes to what it takes to clean your house in just a few minutes a day.  Even if your home goes by […]

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How To *Really* Clean A Single Serve Keurig

Written by in Cleaning Products, Cleaning Schedule, Cleaning Tips, Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Discover how to clean a Keurig single-serve coffee maker the right way with the help of another fellow Keurig lover/owner standing by your virtual side. It wasn’t until I got a Keurig that I became a coffee casualty.  Yes, coffee owns me and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Which is why I’ll do whatever […]

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How To Safely Clean *Any* Flat-Screen TV

Written by in Cleaning Products, Cleaning Tips

Don’t let a dirty flat-screen steal the show! Read this post to find out how to safely clean your flat screen tv so that you can get back to the regularly scheduled program. What to do, what not to do and everything in between. What the heck is THAT on the tv?  Unfortunately, once you’ve […]

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Turn Over a New Leaf with an Organized, Decluttered Home

Written by in Clutter, Declutter, Organization Tips

This post was originally published by our friends at Porch.com and I’m sharing it with you today because having a decluttered home and making home feel sweet can be tricky. But good advice like this will help you get past the mental clutter and actually get uncluttered. *release your tears of joy starting now* Easier […]

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How often should you dust your house *for real*

Written by in Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Schedule, Cleaning Tips

How often should you dust your house (or room) – is a bit of a loaded question. So let’s explore the ins and outs of what your dusting schedule might-should-need to look like to keep you looking like a decent human that takes mundane things like home management seriously. So how far down is dusting […]

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Three C’s of Quarantine: Cleaning, Comfort and (Internet) Capability

Written by in Cleaning Hacks, Cleaning Tips, Lifestyle

During the past few months of social distancing and staying at home, your living space certainly got a workout. It may even look a little more lived-in now. As the total number of global COVID-19 cases continues to grow every day, it looks like we’re going to continue to spend more time at home. With […]

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