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how often should you dust your house

How often should you dust your house *for real*

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How often should you dust your house (or room) – is a bit of a loaded question. So let’s explore the ins and outs of what your dusting schedule might-should-need to look like to keep you looking like a decent human that takes mundane things like home management seriously.

So how far down is dusting on your list of most-dreaded chores?  If it’s so far down it’s towards the center of the Earth, join the club. Dusting is one of the least favorite chores out there.

How do I know? Because it’s the 2nd most requested task clients ask for when booking cleaning services from my company. (Can you guess what the #1 request we get is? Floors. Young, old, single, grande sized families and everyone in between hates cleaning the floors.)

So the real question is how long can you really put off dusting without crossing the ewww-your-house-is-kinda-nasty line?

To sum up dust in one-word, it’s gross.

Since dust is primarily composed of human skin cells, pet dander, fabric fibers, pollen, and dust and debris from outside, you probably want to dust more often than you currently are (sad fact: about 80 percent of the particles you see floating in a sunbeam are dead skin cells).

According to one study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the composition of most household dust is significantly grosser than you might imagine, combining dead skin, fungi, and bacteria ranging from the benign to the potentially-harmful, including Staphylococcus aureus.

If you live in a dusty zip code… 

A few factors contribute to the amount of dust collecting in your room, including where you live (clearly, the Arizona desert is dustier than a rainy Oregon forest), how often you open your windows, the season of the year, and how many pets you share your home with.   To name a few.

If you live in a dusty-ish terrain, you should aim to dust weekly.

If your house is hairy, you should dust (and vacuum) every day-ish

And then there’s hair…long hair, pet hair, human hair, fake hair, remy, curly, silky, straight – it doesn’t matter. I know hair isn’t dust, but if you’ve got a lot of thick-haired carbon-based beings that shed in your home, you’ll need to dust your home more often than others.

Now this seems like a tall order, but you really only need to stay on top of high traffic areas. And then bathroom floors. Why? Because dry hair is a lot easier to clean up than wet hair. Trust me.

All you need is a vacuum cleaner to quickly suck up hair – especially in corners and along baseboards – to keep your home looking exceptionally hairless.

Hardly ever dusting your house will make your house look dirtier than it is

Whatever you do, don’t skip dusting altogether.  But I get it. Dusting your entire house can seem a bit daunting but it’s a lot easier to manage when you break the task down room by room. Dusting just one room a day is doable on even the tightest schedule.

  Here are some quick & dirty reasons why you should dust more often: 

  • a layer of dust can easily make your place look much dirtier than it is. 
  • dust can also cause damage to household surfaces, especially electronics (so pay extra special attention to those!).
  • dust can lead to allergy and breathing problems for many people — so don’t forget to get rid of that dust on the ceiling fan, since it’s circulating the air around.

You should dust your house every week – if you’re a neat freak.

And that’s ok.  But you’re on your own. Justin Timberlake leaving N-Sync style.  Unless you live in an apartment, dusting every week is something most of us really just don’t have time for. But there is one little exception…

Common spaces & high traffic areas should be dusted weekly.  But when I say dust, I’m not talking feather dusters.  You need to wipe down furniture surfaces with a damp towel & cleaner so that they are actually clean & dust-free.

Greasy fingerprints, water rings, and all that grimy stuff dulls your shine majorly. And will give your mother-in-law fuel for eons especially if she’s of the nice nasty variety.

  • coffee tables 
  • sofas just a quick wipe off
  • lamps
  • dining tables (aka a desk depending on who you ask) & chairs
cleaning printables

If you have a life, dusting your house every 2-weeks or monthly is totally ok – and normal

I’m giving you this answer based on my experience as a cleaning service owner & how often most people want their house cleaned. The absolute most popular frequency for our clients is drumroll please – every 2 weeks.

So if you’re looking to create a solid cleaning schedule, want to know how long you can go without dusting – and still be considered a decent human being – or seriously just forget to dust, you can totally get away with dusting anywhere from every 2-weeks to once a month.  

Things in your house you should dust every 2-weeks or monthly-ish:

  • common rooms
  • bedrooms 
  • guest rooms 
  • unused spaces
  • furniture surfaces you can’t see or reach without a ladder
  • ceiling fans
  • baseboards (especially in bathrooms or places where pets sleep)
  • doors
  • televisions
  • blinds (you really want to stay on top of blinds because they can be a pain to clean when they get to the point of no return
  • wall decor & fixtures

Dust the unreachables & unnoticeables at least every 3-6 months

Out-of-the-way spots like ceilings, corners, high shelves, and door frames only need to be dusted dust every three to six months. But what about those things that you don’t even think about dusting that are absolutely covered in dust? Looked at your outlets lately?

Introducing, the unnoticeables. The items you see & use all the time will never make it onto your cleaning list except by some type of divine intervention. Like you reading this post lol

Thankfully, you don’t have to give these items much of your attention or time which gives you plenty of wiggle room to plan when you’ll dust them. But heed my warning youngling, go any longer than that, and getting rid of dust on those high ledges might require a lot of elbow grease.

Just remember the factors I mentioned earlier that affect how often you should dust. The more factors you have in play, the more often you should dust.

Things you should dust in your house every 3-6 months:

  • crown molding
  • tops of furniture that you can’t see or reach without a ladder
  • outlets
  • light switches
  • vanity lights
  • plants
  • curtains (lint roll them)
  • mattresses (use the vacuum cleaner hose)
  • vacuum cleaner (empty the canister & wipe it out)

Clingy dust needs a little extra push

You ever tried to clean dust that seemed to be a little umm, clingy?  The type that you can’t just dust off.  (When was the last time you got just a little too clingy? Lol )   If it’s like this every time you dust, you should be dusting your house more often for sure.

When dust settles, it begins to take on moisture from the air around it, and if it isn’t removed, it then begins to stick to the surface it settled on initially.  You need to clean – with a damp towel & an all-purpose cleaner – to remove this type of dust.  

Are you making things dustier when you dust

What you dust your house with matters more than you think. Those fluffy feather dusters, while great at getting into small places – and being used as photo props for cheesy pics to post on social media – only scatter dust back into the air. Total fail. 

I have to admit that I use high-dusters with heads just as bad or worse than those duck feathers but hear me out.  I use them to dust all those out the way things like ceilings, super unreachable lights and sometimes even blinds.  All I do is knock the dust off, then wait about 15-20 minutes for the dust to settle on lower surfaces.  Once the cost is clear, I go through dusting as usual with no issues. 

What you’ll need to dust your house if it’s super dusty – or to keep it up

If we have a home to clean that’s super dusty, there will be a lot of vacuuming going on.  So we may do a round of vacuuming surfaces, then a round of dusting with a microfiber, followed by another round of vacuuming to get it all out the room. 

Ahhh, finally, a reason to use those vacuum attachments that have become that special kind of clutter you just don’t want to throw away.  

Dusting tools – that are actually good for dusting:

  •  microfiber cloths (it’s what I use at home and in my cleaning service all day everyday)
  • high dusting kit for those unreachable things that get super dusty
  • good ol fashioned Swiffer dusters – I actually avoided them for a long time thinking they were gimmicky but presently, I totally use them to clean blinds. 
  • a vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter to get the dusty edges of the room and along those baseboards

Once you have some good tools in hand, all you have to do is grab your headphones, clear the clutter & dust away! 

Plan how often you want to dust your house

If you’re like most people, you often don’t realize it’s time to dust until you randomly swipe the blinds, turn your palm over & reveal fingers covered in a layer of thick ick

If you’re only dusting your house when you see something that kinda grosses you out instead of cleaning regularly, you’ll always stumble upon areas that have been neglected & send you into panic mode. Hello 7-hour long marathon cleaning session. Or maybe you’ll ignore it because you just can’t deal. Hey that’s life.

If you want a simple way to stay on top of what needs to be dusted and when – along with all your other dreaded housekeeping chores so you feel like you’ve got your house under control & clean is always within reach, you should check out my Clean Vibes Planner Kit.

In addition to a ton of mess eliminating templates & resources, it includes a Master Cleaning Guide + template for you to use to create the perfect cleaning schedule & easily maintain your home. No matter how crazy your schedule is.

And of course, if you loved this post, do a me a mini-sized favor & repin this. It’s like giving me a virtual high-five which will kinda make my day! See ya in the next post…

how often should you dust your home
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