How To Clean Your Embarrassingly Dirty Bathroom Fast (And Keep It Clean)

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The bathroom – one of the most used places in the house yet it gets little to no love.   If you need to clean your dirty bathroom fast, you are in the right place!

I’m going to share my proven method to clean your bathroom quickly and prevent it from ever becoming a nightmare again.  I know it works because I personally practice this method, train staff with this method and share it with clients so that they can keep their bathrooms cleaner for longer. 

But there’s a catch.  You have to promise me that you will commit to the process.  If you can do that, you and I are friends for life and you’ll be enjoying a clean bathroom for all of eternity! 

If you cannot commit to what is required of you, stop reading.  You’re wasting your time.  (And we are now frenemies by the way.)

But since you’re still reading, I’ll assume you’ve agreed to commit, so buckle your seat belts and without further delay, let’s get your bathroom cleaned and sparkling through infinity and beyond!



Before we do anything, we need to have the right tools to clean the bathroom easily and quickly!  Not having effective cleaning products and materials is what turns a one-hour job into a three-hour job – and we ain’t got time for that!


  • Microfiber Towels | Quantity 10 | Can substitute with cotton/terry cleaning towels
  • Yellow & Green Scour Sponges | Quantity 2
  • All-Purpose Cleaner | I recommend Simple Green lemon-scented cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner | Can also substitute with dish detergent
  • Soft Cleanser | Highly recommended for removing soap scum and rust stains
  • Mold & Milder Stain Remover | I recommend Clorox Clean Up
  • Small Trash Can Liners | Quantity 1 box
  • One Large Cup | You probably have one in your kitchen already
  • Toilet Bowl Brush
  • Vacuum Cleaner | A broom will also work 
  • Mop | I prefer mops with detachable heads that can be washed to prevent sour odors
  • One Mop Bucket
  • One Caddy | Can substitute with a mop bucket
  • Gloves


  • One Utility Apron | It’s an apron with pockets but I seriously can’t clean without one – everything you need is right there which means no more wasted time going back and forth for products.
  • One Glass Towel | Optional but highly recommended for cleaning mirrors.
  • Dawn & Vinegar Mix: 50:50 | Very effective for soap scum and cleaning all bathroom surfaces although some complain of the smell while cleaning |Can be used as a substitute for the all-purpose cleaner.
  • Mold & Mildew Inhibitor | This will cut down on mold & mildew growth in the future which will save you mega time on future cleanings. 
  • Do You Have Tile & Grout? | If Yes, you need a medium or hard toothbrush for cleaning grout. 
  • Heavy Soap Scum On Your Glass Shower Door?  You may also want a window scraper or razor blade to quickly scrape all the scum away.



The more you do something, the better (and faster) at it you’ll get.  It’s like a law of the universe – kinda – that works in your favor even when it comes to cleaning!

Personally, I can clean a bathroom super-fast!  Like mind-blowingly fast and I’m not exaggerating.  It doesn’t matter where the bathroom is, the condition or the size — and “no” I’m not using fairy dust!

What’s my secret?  I have a routine that I use no matter what.  That’s what gets me in and out so fast!   I always know exactly where to start and there is mega power in that. 

The secret to creating a routine that works for you is to always have a starting and ending point mapped out in your head.  

I’m sure you’ve already heard the general rules to cleaning but here they are again as a friendly reminder:

  • Work from top to bottom
  • Work from left to right (or in a circle)

But I’m going to add one important rule that will supercharge your cleaning routine by saving you lots of time and unnecessary scrubbing…

Always PRETREAT tough areas first!

Most products actually need a few minutes to sit and work on build-up which translates into less elbow grease & effort from you!  And trust me when I say it is the ultimate time saving hack!  


From now on, step one of your cleaning routine is to search for soap scum build-up or stains in the bathroom.  When you find them, spray them with the appropriate cleaner – then do nothing. 

Let the product dwell and do the heavy lifting for you.  Most products actually need 5-15 minutes of dwell time per the instructions.  Once the time is up, you can begin scrubbing or wiping.  Rinse the surface and repeat as many times as necessary. 



What is microcleaning?  It’s simply you lightly cleaning your bathroom – small tasks like taking out the trash, wiping out the sink or even cleaning the toilet can be considered microcleaning.  

Why do you want to do this?  Because cleaning a little each day will keep your bathroom from becoming a freak show! It’ll stay in a constant state of fresh and clean that you can be proud of!  And this will also save you from having to spend hours cleaning a yucky bathroom. 

Here’s a short list of tips you need to follow to keep things spic-n-span:


  • Get your head in the game! Remember that something must be cleaned in the bathroom each day in order to keep it from going to crap.
  • No more towels left on the floors or on the sinks.  If it needs to be washed, place it in a hamper, otherwise hang it up.
  • Clean the toilet daily. A lot goes on in this spot – it only takes 10 seconds to scrub away any evidence you were ever there. 
  • Keep cleaning products in the shower. That way you can easily spray and wipe down surfaces when you hop in or on your way out!
  • Keep a small vacuum cleaner close by to remove hair off the floor but here’s a mega tip – vacuum the hair before you get into the shower or get the floor wet.  Wet hair is almost impossible to clean up! 
  • Pay your bath mats some attention. Shake them out regularly, vacuum them if possible and replace them when needed.
  • Free up space by getting rid of old, expired make-up and other products. Plus, you get a chance to take inventory of what you have and I’ll bet you have some great anti-wrinkle creams that have been hidden in the back of your drawer!
  • If you use bar soap, you’re making your life harder than it has to be!   If you wonder where the thick film in your shower is coming from, that’s the main culprit.  Switch to liquid soap ASAP for less mess.
  • No matter how clean you are, mold and mildew does not discriminate – it loves warm, wet places and unfortunately your shower is the perfect escape! To stop it, buy a mold inhibitor and treat your shower regularly.  Another alternative:  if you have a few seconds to spare, wipe surfaces like glass doors dry in the shower.  
  • Take just 5 seconds, grab a paper towel and wipe excess toothpaste out of the sink.  Doing this on a daily basis will help keep your sink from turning into a bowl of grossness.
  • If your counters have lots of loose items, there’s a strong possibility that things can get a little unsightly from time to time.  Plus, it can make cleanup difficult. The solution:  get a basket and throw that junk in there!  You can then store the basket on the counter, if there’s space, or under the sink. 


Here are a few of the products we trust to get tough jobs done right!

  • Soft Scrub With Bleach
  • Green and Yellow Scour Sponge             
  • Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Simple Green
  • Barkeepers
  • Toilet Bowl Brush
  • Small Trash Bags
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom and Dust Pan


This is the biggest list of genius tips you’ll find to help you keep your bathroom clean so if you found this list useful, share this with your friends that could use a little help!  

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