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The Super Simple 20-Minute Morning Cleaning Routine For Moms

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I am beyond thrilled to share my simple morning cleaning routine with you! It’s the bare minimum you need to do to tame your crazy mornings! Get up earlier, clean your house and do whatever else you want to do to start your day on a high note!   

And I promise it can be done no matter how chaotic your mornings are or how much of a not-morning person you are! 

To be honest, it is my heart’s desire to be a morning person.  But I just believe God had other plans in mind for me! *lol* Seriously, I am a total night owl and that worked without issue for most of my life – because I was single and childless.  

But once I started my family, I realized quickly that not having a simple, thoughtful and impactful morning routine was an absolute death sentence! 

So that’s why I am also happy to let you know that while I still hate mornings, making sure that I start my day off with some sense has made a world of difference!  And I am 100% sure you will see a big transformation in not just your house, but your entire day with these super simple morning cleaning routines!  

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The Super Simple Morning Cleaning Routine For Moms

Morning routines are meant to simplify your life. Mornings are already hard enough after all. Following complex, unrealistic routines doom you before you even start. This routine is ridiculously simple. You will have your mornings running on autopilot in absolutely no time because while simple, it is powerful!

Each of the tasks listed below are there for a reason – they are the most important things you can do to keep your house running smoothly. Consider them the VIPs of cleaning tasks!

Get up at least 30 minutes before your kids get up to start your morning cleaning routine. And when I say get up, you need to be out of the bed – like all the way out. I’m watching you young lady!


STEP 1 // Drink 8oz of water to energize your body | less than 1 min.

STEP 2 // Make your bed (if occupied, save for last) | 3 minutes

STEP 3 // Start one load of laundry | 2-3 minutes 

STEP 4 // Unload the dishwasher | 5 minutes

STEP 5 // ONE specific cleaning task or room | dust all the common areas, clean your bathroom mirror & counters, catch up on a missed chore from yesterday, etc. | 10 minutes

Got more than 20-minutes to spare in the morning? If you have an extra 10 minutes, do it! 20 minutes of impactful cleaning is fantastic, but 30 minutes is even better!

Let’s Talk For A Second // Notice I said make your bed. Why? For starters, it’s right there…like literally it’s in front of you and super easy to do! A fresh-made bed is chicken noodle soup for the soul – and your room! So consider it like a form of self-care and make your bed!

I don’t suggest going from room to room making beds first thing in the morning for many reasons. It’s a time killer. Kids will be in the way – blah, blah, blah. You want these 20 minutes of cleaning to be spent on impactful things that will make the house flow smoother.

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morning cleaning routine for moms

The Tips You Need To Rock Your Morning Cleaning Routine!

Tip 1 // You can’t have a morning routine without a night cleaning routine! 

If you simply invest 20 minutes every evening into doing impactful things, it’ll literally make you unstoppable!  Things you should do in the evening include having a quick night-time cleaning routine, going over your to-do list for tomorrow or simply staging everything your kids need in the morning by the door.  These simple quick tasks will make your days run soo much smoother!  

Tip 2 // Your kids need to have a bedtime.  

The point is simply to get them out of the way so that you can clean – or more importantly take a breather!  Oh, and you need to go to bed on time as well!  This will help keep you in a good mental space and able to handle the house, work and kids from a place of rest!  And everyone knows if mommy is feeling good, life seems so much better!

Tip 3  // Meal planning will save you a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen if you have a hectic schedule!  

Personally, I love using meal prep dishes to keep everything organized but do whatever works for you!  Try grab-and-go items for breakfast & skip using dishes whenever possible. For instance, opt for disposable products to make clean-up after breakfast a breeze since you’re probably short on time – or just have other more pressing matters to get to!

Tip 4 // If you can only do ONE thing in the morning -unload the dishwasher.  

Unload the dishwasher.  Unload the dishwasher.  That’s how important it is – I had to say it three times!  Now with that being said, you absolutely have to run the dishwasher at night in order for this to work!

Tip 5 //  Make time for your cleaning routine!  

When do you really need to get up to make this work?  You still have to tend to everything else like getting dressed for instance. Simply examine your life, determine what the magical time is that you should get up and then work towards that time each week.

But don’t panic!  No one is expecting you to start happily waking up an hour earlier overnight!  A great starting place is getting up just 10 minutes earlier every week until you reach your magical wake-up time. But remember, half the battle is going to bed on time!  

I think Lauren at Simple Well Balanced has more great tips for making a cleaning routine work you if you’re a working mom!

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morning cleaning routine for working moms
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