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find motivation to clean your house

Find Motivation To Clean Your House With 9 Out Of Pocket Tips

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Find the motivation to clean your house with nine ideas that are creative yet practical. And more importantly, ideas that actually work.

We are all so busy these days so it’s easy to get burned out on life.  I believe feeling depressed & even overwhelmed, can lead to not having the motivation to clean your house which is also common.  I’m a working mom myself so I have been exactly where you are chic.

For me, the fact that I could not figure out why I was unmotivated was – well – unmotivating.  Maybe you can relate. And seeing everyone else post photos of their perfect houses didn’t help either.  In fact, it made me feel like a total wreck. 

But what worked for me and what I know will work for you is to approach your lack of motivation to clean from a few different angles.  After all, if you find yourself here again, you do want to have the tools to kick off these blue vibes easily right?  

So let’s get started!  The keys below are a mix of simple strategies & very smart life hacks that will definitely help you get the motivation you need to finally clean and declutter your house!

Why does a clean house feel good?

To find the motivation to clean your house, look at how the current state of your house makes you feel.  Think for a second. How do you feel when your house is messy, disorganized or in chaos? And, how do you feel when your home is clean, organized & put together?  

Did you have an ah-ha moment?  The answers are in the questions.  The state of your house is a clue to what’s going on inside of you.  When you are mentally in a state of chaos, so is your house & vice versa.  

So of course, that can also mean when your house is in order, you are too.  A clean house makes you feel good because it’s like an extension of you. Think of it as a  reflection of how you feel on the inside.  

Put simply, having a clean house is like wearing a brand new pair of show-stopping shoes that you got on sale – it makes you feel like you got it going on!  #Winning

Buy seriously, how can I get motivated to clean my house?

I know that when you scroll through Facebook or Instagram, it seems like you’re the most unmotivated, can’t-get-it-right person in the world — but that is so not true!  It’s natural for everyone to go through periods of feeling burned out, tired overwhelmed & completely unmotivated. 

Regardless of how long you’ve felt this way, the list below has a mix of lifestyle hacks and simple strategies to help you find the motivation to clean your house.  If ready to make the effort, this list of 9 creative ways to motivate yourself will help get you there sooner rather than later! 

1 | Are other areas of your life bringing the vibe down?

Exploring other areas of your life may help you find a connection between life events and your current state.  Did you recently suffer a setback? Are you unhappy with a job or relationship? Are you overwhelmed with other responsibilities?  Burned out?

Grab a piece of paper and brainstorm.  You may be surprised by what you write down & how freeing it can be.  Once you know where the real, or deeper issue is, you can begin to clean up your life, & your motivation to clean your house will magically reappear!

UPDATE: I want to recommend the 6-Minute Journal to anyone serious about getting out of a dark mental space & wanting to create an aura of bliss! I’ve been practicing gratitude exercises for a few months & they have worked wonders for me – getting me out of long periods of gloom & doom lol. With that being said, this journal is a healthy mix of gratitude & science-backed habit-building strategies – perfection!

2 | Remind yourself that you deserve a clean house.

You look on Facebook & Instagram only to find that apparently, everyone else in the world has a clean house.  Which basically makes you even more depressed – go figure! But you can turn those negative vibes into motivation to clean.  

Just as you like to do things that make your loved ones feel special, you need to take time to do special things for yourself as well. You deserve a clean house & you’re worth the effort.   And you have all the power to make it happen now.  Remember that. 

3 | Take a terrible selfie.

There’s nothing worse than a terrible selfie but in this case, it can be just what you need to give you the spark to clean.  Take selfies in different rooms of your house but be sure to capture the background. How do they look? Terrible? Good.

The messy backgrounds are ruining your selfies!  Fix the backgrounds & take your selfies again. Are they better now that you’ve tidied up?  Getting the perfect selfie may be the very thing you need to get motivated to clean.

4 | If you touch something, put it where it belongs.

Sure, you’re not in the mood to clean now but you can focus on what you’re doing now.  Instead of thinking about cleaning the whole house, commit to simply putting whatever you touch away when you’re done with it.  

Let’s start with something easy.  Wash the one coffee much you used instead of adding it to the pile of coffee mugs in the sink. Put the clothes you just took off in the basket instead of tossing them on the floor with the rest of the afterthoughts. Focus on your current actions and you’ll find yourself motivated to clean your house as if by magic.

5 | Force the motivation by inviting someone that you trust over to your house.

If you’re like most people, there’s nothing more anxiety-provoking than house guests!  And of course, you guessed it – this is something you can use to your advantage when you’re unmotivated to clean.  Who doesn’t want a perfectly clean house for guests?

Have a friend come over just to chat about life. Or go the pro route. Call a company to schedule an in-home estimate for house or carpet cleaning.  People coming over may put just the right amount of pressure on you to get motivated to clean.

6 | Buy cleaning products and tools that excite you.

When you’re in a rut, something new and exciting may be all you need!  Trying a new restaurant, visiting a different part of town or in this case, buying new cleaning tools may be just what you need to get the cleaning party started. 

What are some things you really want to try?  A new line of non-toxic cleaners? The vacuum cleaner that is also a robot? (Fun!)  Or maybe just some new cleaning towels. Remember, cleaning is a whole lot easier with the right stuff!  

7 | Pretend your house is clean.

Fake it till you make it baby! This one catches a lot of flack but so many people swear by this strategy so it’s worth a shot. Raising your vibrations and all that law of attraction type stuff has become really mainstream. People swear by it so here are some ideas you can try to manifest a clean home in your life.

#1. Be thankful for a clean house.

And while you’re at, be thankful for anything else you can think of. Even if it hasn’t happened. Instead of focusing on *lack* and what isn’t going right, you create an *abundance mindset* which raises your vibration. With your vibrations raised, your should have an easier time walking into the thing your heart desires. Even if it’s just a clean house:-).

#2. Have very vivid daydreams about your clean home.

Kind of like meditating, but instead of clearing your mind, you’ll be focusing on your clean home. (Again, going to your fantasy place where your house is already clean).

What it’s like to live in it. Be in it. How do you feel? What’s it smell like? What’s on top of the counters? Focusing on the teeny-tiny details is what the gurus say is the key to making this work.

#3. Script about your clean house.

This is a hybrid between the first two techniques. So yes, you’re still pretending, but you need to write all about your clean house. Layer in the details and the thankful vibes. You need emotion to make this work.

Once you got your script written – it can be a paragraph – read it twice a day for the next 30 days. And yeh, we’ll see what happens after that my friend.

You may want to check out my very popular Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Schedule With A Simple Morning Routine (built into the schedule).

8 | Give yourself permission to make progress and drop the idea of perfection.

Ok let’s face it. When we have something to do that we definitely don’t want to do, the task suddenly becomes bigger than it really is. But there’s an easy fix.

Sure, you need to get the house clean but no one said you have to clean the whole house at once!  Make things easier on yourself by choosing one small task to complete. Dust your bedroom. Throw old food out of the fridge.  Vacuum. A little goes a long way.

9 |  Treat yourself to something nice. It can be anything.

Whether you have to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed, depression or lack of motivation, cleaning your house has been a bit of a struggle that I know you will win!  And while the prize is the clean house, I think you deserve an extra treat at the end of this.  

What’s something you really want to do or have?  There are no rules here – just be sure it’s something for YOU. Whatever you decide, write it on a sticky note & place it where you can see it & be reminded of what you can look forward to at the end of this journey to a clean house!  It’s been a long road & you deserve it!

What’s the fastest way to clean a messy house?

So you’re motivated to clean the house and you want to do it fast!  I’ve got an incredible post here on how to clean your house super-fast that you should check out!  But below is a quick snapshot of what you’ll need to do.


  • Make a plan so that you know what you’re going to clean and in what order. 
  • How much time do you have to clean?  Set a timer so that you can pace yourself. 
  • Check your supplies to make sure you have everything you need.  
  • Get rid of distractions.  Put your phone on airplane mode.
  • Decluttering should be the very first thing you do in a messy house.
  • Clean task by task to get through the entire house quicker. 

NEED A SIMPLE BUT COMPLETE CLEANING CHECKLIST FOR THE ENTIRE HOUSE? // You should check out my  Room-By-Room House Cleaning Checklist For Year Long Clean Vibes!  Realistic weekly cleaning, deep cleaning & spring cleaning checklists for every space makes it even easier to keep a clean house!

How do I stop being so messy?

Believe it or not, being messy is not as hard to stop doing as you may think!  It will take a conscious effort on your part & embrace the fact that baby steps, not huge unreachable goals, will get you there.  

This is something I love to talk about so you should check out my other posts. How to keep your house clean and organized or How to have a clean house for life.  But here are a few quick tips to get you started. 


  • Declutter small areas daily.  It’s easy to do and you can do it today because I’m willing to bet you will be making another trip to the fridge! Let’s try this – go to your fridge and throw out anything that is old, expired or unrecognizable. That’s it. This small task can be completed quickly and can help you get into a serious cleaning mood! For more on how to declutter, check out my insanely practical method in this post.
  • Follow the Touch Rule.  Whatever you touch or come across, you handle. More specifically, put things back where they belong, but do it immediately. For example, when you change out of your work clothes, take them straight to the hamper or the basket – not the floor.
  • Clean as you go.  Make your bed as soon as you get up.  Wipe down kitchen counters while you’re in the cooking.  Scrub out the toilet after you use it – number two of course – not every time you pee.  That’d be weird but you get it!

It’ll take time for these tips to become habit so start slowly.  Choose one tip to start with. Focus on performing it every day for a week and then add the second tip the next week.  You’ll be erasing bad habits and replacing them with good habits one by one – and enjoying a house that almost always stays clean in no time! You may want to check out my post 71 Things You Can Do For A House That Stays Clean Forever for more game-changing tips!

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