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How To Clean Your House Like A Pro – Even If You’re Not One

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If you’ve ever felt that there is a better way to clean your house than what you’re currently doing, you’re 100% correct!  While some may feel like cleaning is cleaning or that it’s supposed to be hard, that is so far from the truth.  Learning how to clean your house like a pro will save you an incredible amount of time and energy!

Most people don’t even realize they are doing things to make cleaning their homes harder than it has to be.  Crazy right!? Well my smart friend, you really can clean your house quicker, better and smarter.  Cleaning your home like a professional is easier to do than you think — it’s definitely not rocket science! (Cheers to that!)

Revealed below are my 7 ultimate keys of cleaning that are crucial for transforming how you clean!  Be able to clean your house as easily as the pros do it and relish in the overwhelming sense of how fabulous you’ll feel when you look around and see how darn good your house looks!

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How to Clean Your House Like A Professional – Even If You’re Not One – With These Tips /

1.  Change your attitude about cleaning

how to clean like a pro

If you’re a world-class chef going to compete in a cooking show, you’re going to make sure you have everything you need to win before stepping into that kitchen!  Technical skills, culinary tools, a fake British accent and an attitude that says I’m going to win it all! 

Believe it or not, you need to tackle cleaning your house with the same attitude!  Even if you despise cleaning, approach it as if you are going to be judged by someone or even better, getting paid to clean.  

Clean your home with love, care & enthusiasm. And if you can’t do that, clean it as if your worst enemy is coming over!

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2. Quickly conquer clutter

If someone called you right now and said they were coming over to your house and you only have 10 minutes before they arrive, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

You’ll probably make a mad dash to stash all the crap – clutter – lying around and hide it so that the house at least appears clean right? Well, you need to treat clutter the exact same way when it’s time to clean.

So often people become paralyzed at the sight of clutter when it’s time to clean but in reality, all you have to do is move it. Don’t think about where the items should go or organize just yet. Just get it out the way so you can clean.

If you want to clean your house fast like a pro you need to do two things /

👉 One – Limit the amount of clutter you have in your home so that you don’t have to spend so much time picking up and putting away. If you have 3 hours to clean, you should be cleaning & polishing surfaces – the things that make your house sparkle.

👉 Two – Learn how to quickly clear clutter out of the way so that you can get to cleaning! Sometimes, you just don’t know what to do with all the stuff on the counter. But there’s an easy fix to this problem. Always have a basket or box handy and put everything in there so that you can quickly clear the surface.

Sort the items out of the basket later. Work of decluttering your house over time so that you don’t have to worry about clutter slowing you down.

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3.  To clean your house like a pro, you need the right stuff

We all feel a certain amount of fear and anxiety at the thought of someone coming to our home unexpectedly.  So what if I told you that not only is someone coming over to your house today, but it’s a Goddess (like from a mythical island or something) and she wants to clean your house!  

But it gets worse.  She wants to clean your house with your crappy cleaning supplies and products!  Yikes!

You will want to ensure that a Goddess has only the absolute best and most effective tools and products to choose from.  Why is that? Because you are going to want to make the task of cleaning your dreadful home as easy as possible.  

Now here’s the secret — you’re the goddess that deserves the best cleaning products & tools available!  Investing in quality products and tools that you enjoy using will make cleaning your house a heck of a lot easier, quicker and smarter. Which is exactly what cleaning your house like a pro is all about. 👍

MY FAIL-PROOF CLEANING CADDY // all-purpose cleaner + apron + bucket + caddy + disposable gloves + extension cord + floor cleanerfurniture polish + glass towel + high duster + microfiber towels + mold & mildew remover + mop + pumice stone + scour sponges + small trash bags + soft scrub + stainless steel polish + stone cleaner + tile & grout brush + vacuum

4.  Unplug so you can stay focused

If you want to clean your house faster and smarter, you need to have the laser focus of a highly skilled soldier that is anti-social, hates Netflix and all things social media!  (Talk about intense huh? lol).  

These things are wildly distracting and slow you down tremendously when cleaning your home.  

So what is the key here?  FOCUS.  If you have two hours to clean, it needs to be two dedicated, uninterrupted hours.  Focus on the room you’re cleaning or tasks as you’re performing. (Remember Rule 1: Keep your head in the game!)  

But please do not think I am telling you that you need to clean in total darkness and silence.  That’d actually be kinda weird! 

🦄 Things you can do while cleaning to help you forget you’re cleaning /

Non-distracting things you can do while cleaning includes listening to music, which is my absolute fave, getting enlightened with podcasts or enjoying an e-book.  If others are around, they either need to join in and start cleaning with you or come back later when you’re not busy!  

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5.  Stick to a powerful cleaning routine

Moving to a new city can be daunting and exciting at the same time!  Think of all the times you’ll get lost going from the grocery store to your new house — or even getting lost in your own neighborhood.  Guilty as charged.  

Fast forward from your first day in your new city to just three months later.  A trip to the grocery store is predictably uneventful and you can get anywhere you want with absolute ease.  This is thanks to the power of routines — doing the same thing over and over again.  

Cleaning routines have become wildly popular and for good reason — they work! 

Doing a routine over and over again is simply you programing your mind — and eventually, it’ll accept the new program & run on autopilot! 

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Practice makes perfect. Regardless of what room you need to clean, following a routine will decrease your cleaning time and increase your efficiency by lightyears!  

🚫 Word of Caution

When first starting a cleaning routine, things will suck at first.  You will probably take longer to clean than usual because you’ll be glued to the piece of paper you printed your routine on — go figure! 

Stick with it! Perform the routine as often as possible & you will be cleaning like the world’s best & quickest maid in no time! I promise!    

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6.  How you clean matters. Soo much.

Go to a terrible, one-star reviewed hairstylist and ask for a haircut.  Will you be surprised if you walk out with a terrible haircut — and tears?  Probably not. But you’d probably have questions like, “How in the world did they mess up such a simple haircut?!?” 

The answer is simple and everyone agrees — their technique is trash!  They ain’t got no skillz! They need to go back to school!  Ahh, you get the point.

This is the same reason why sometimes you can spend hours cleaning and no one notices.  Your house looks, feels & smells not clean — and that is beyond disappointing! You simply need to learn a few simple techniques to really make your house snap, crackle & pop!   

Good techniques are the difference between a shiny & sparkly or a dull & streaky house. They are your secret weapon to cleaning your house and actually doing a fabulous job!

👉 Three Essential Cleaning Techniques To Keep In Your Pocket  

  • Wax On, Wax Off — it’s just like waxing a car but on all surfaces of the home when cleaning by hand.  Great for heavy build-up!
  • Figure 8’s Squared — when mopping the floors, first mop in the shape of a square to trace the room along the baseboards and edges. Then mop the inside of your imaginary square with figure 8s.  
  • Circle, Circle, Top, Top — whatever room you’re in, clean in a circle and for Pete’s sake, always clean from the top down.  It’s like the cardinal rule of cleaning!  

7.  Don’t forget the little things

how to clean your house like a pro

A heck of a lot goes into a family photo — from choosing the perfect color scheme to making sure the tacky dresser doesn’t wear something tacky for the photo…yikes!  *Instant massive headache*  

Yet somehow, it all comes together and you end up with a picture-perfect photo that you can proudly share on the net!  Likewise, taking the time to tend to small details around a room is the key to really making it look clean — or even better, picture-perfect!

The final magical touches you put on a room are what gives it that wow factor!  Don’t worry, it doesn’t take much extra time & it’s easier to do than you think! 

THE PERFECT TOTAL HOUSE CLEANING CHECKLIST | THOROUGH YET DOWN-TO-EARTH // You should check out my  Room-By-Room House Cleaning Schedule For Year Long Clean Vibes!  Realistic weekly cleaning, deep cleaning & spring cleaning checklists make it even easier to keep a clean house!  No matter how busy you are!

How to Make Your Rooms Look Really Clean

  • Blinds need to be uniform or pointing in the same direction.  You don’t want your blinds looking all crazy pointing in different directions.
  • Make sure curtains are positioned the exact same on each window.  
  • Tidy cluttered surfaces If you are not good at decorating or organizing, straight lines always work.  Tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest is basically Organizing 101. 
  • Remake beds. Make sure pillows are fluffed. Tuck sheets.  Blankets or comforters need to look botox tight!  No lines or wrinkles.
  • Fold & hang towels in bathrooms and the kitchen but you can’t be loosey-goosey with this!  Fold towels so that the edges are lined up perfectly & hang evenly.

10 Things A Pro Won’t Forget To Clean – And You Shouldn’t Either | list

Here’s a quick list of ten hot areas you don’t want to miss if you really want your house to look like it was cleaned by a professional!

1. Cabinet faces, knobs & handles

2. Backsplash in the kitchen

3. Polish stainless steel with a polish or the wax on, wax off method

4. Clean the base of the toilet and behind it where the water valve is located

5. Always wipe out floor corners with an emphasis in the kitchen and the definitely the bathrooms

6. Clean doors, especially around the handle

7. Light switches and plates need to be wiped

8. Low hanging lights need to be dusted

9. Dust the bottom of furniture

10. Hand clean baseboards for the absolute best brightening effect

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These 7 keys aren’t the usual cleaning tips you find on the web, but I promise these are the tips you need to transform your cleanings in every way. By changing your mindset first and then your actions, you will be blown away at how much easier & faster it is to clean your home!

Here’s a recap of the 7 fail-proof keys you need to clean your house like a pro!

  1. Have a good attitude about cleaning
  2. Learn to conquer clutter
  3. Buy cleaning products & tools that excite you
  4. Get rid of distractions so that you can clean thoroughly
  5. Follow a cleaning routine so that you can clean quickly
  6. Use smart cleaning techniques to easily get vibrant results
  7. Always tidy or stage the room before you consider yourself done

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