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benefits of decluttering your house

10+ surprisingly colorful benefits of decluttering revealed

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As you know, decluttering is the new it thing to do.  It’s everywhere you look and if you’re not doing it, you’re not living right!  But are you having a hard time getting motivated to declutter your house? You’re already busy enough so you definitely don’t need to add anything else to your to-do list. ‘

But that’s where you’re messing up. Bringing order to your house by decluttering can bring order to the rest of your life in unexpected ways.  Invest time in yourself by decluttering your house and the benefits to you will pour in from so many different directions!

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1 | The act of decluttering forces you to look at what’s going on in your life.  

A cluttered, unorganized house can be a direct reflection of your life and personal things you have going on. For example, your house may be a mess because you’re an emotional wreck. And a lot of times, it’s very common that when things in your life aren’t right, it shows in your home.

Decluttering your house forces you to be current in your own life. By going through items lying around the house, you’re forced to deal with things you may be putting off for one reason or another as well as do some introspection and figure out how you got here in the first place.  

2 | Decluttering helps you figure out what you really like & what you’ve outgrown.    

According to our friends at The Spruce, if you hold on to every material thing you’ve ever had, you probably think you still like or need them all. But that’s unlikely. In reality, decluttering helps you to see what you actually prefer in your clothing, décor, hobbies–-even food. Think about it: a cluttered closet or living room can hold a bit of everything, leaving you with an undefined bunch of things you were drawn to at one time or another. 

But a pared-down, carefully considered wardrobe or home makes you choose the items you love the most. It’s how you learn that you love bright patterns or look best in neutral colors or prefer suede to silk. Once you understand these things about yourself, you can be more decisive and waste no time when selecting what you like in the future

3 | Decluttering is one of the secrets to having a house that always looks clean.    

Some people clean their homes faithfully but surprisingly their house never looks clean!  The reason is usually clutter.  Stuff in your house being in the wrong place is like wearing your clothing inside out – it just makes things look off.  That’s why it’s important to put things away, right away.  

Decluttering and cleaning go hand in hand but there is something you need to know that I think you already know in the back of your mind. A house that is clutter-free always looks cleaneven when it’s not.  Again, putting things away, right away is the key to making this your reality!

READ | How To Have A Clean House For Life.  It’s a huge list of simple ideas & habits you can start using literally today to help you have a house that virtually stays clean forever!

4 | Decrease your cleaning time with a clutter-free home.  

Think about it.  If you want to clean your bathroom counter but it is covered in clutter, you have to spend time moving all of the clutter and then you can start wiping the surface clean. Not to mention, the time you have to spend putting it all back in place.  

As busy as you are, I understand you want a clean home but don’t always have a lot of time.  The fewer the number of items you have on surfaces, the faster you can clean and be done with it.

If you want to learn the secrets to cleaning your entire house fast, you should check out my post: how to clean your entire house in 2 hours! It’s a game changer!

5 | Decluttering your home can be a great way to help others in need. 

According to our friends at The Spruce, decluttering your stuff doesn’t exactly have to be a “throwing out” process – your unwanted or unneeded objects can be very useful for people in need. This fantastic list of 101 places your clutter can do good is a great place to start, with in-depth sections on general goods, clothing, children’s items, electronics, books, musical instruments, eyeglasses and more.

6 | Decluttering sharpens your mind.  

You can ease up off the brain games!    According to our friends at goodnet.org, research from Princeton University has found that decluttering your work and living spaces helps your brain focus. Put simply, the research found that clutter competes for your attention. In turn, organized environments lead to a sharp, productive and concentrated mind.

7 | Decluttering forces you to be more decisive.

When you have to be selective about the objects you keep around you, you necessarily have to choose them more carefully. This tends to bleed over into other areas of life. Why waste time seeing a movie you don’t want to see, or reading a book you’re not interested in, or talking for hours to someone who bores you?

8 | Decluttering your house can be a fantastic way to make money!  

As you begin to go through your house, sorting what to keep and what to give away, you will find that some items deserve a second life.  And some of those items can bring in a surprising amount of cash.  

From clothing and shoes to furniture and kitchenware, there are many exciting options for selling your stuff so you should be able to find at least one that works for your personality and lifestyle.  Online or offline, just make sure to be safe and take good photos. Then watch the money roll in!  

9 | A decluttered home makes moving easier, less stressful & cheaper.

I don’t know about you but spending weeks packing up junk only to spend weeks or even months unpacking it in your new house is soul-crushing.  Whether you’ve only moved once or are an experienced mover like me, moving can be both anxiety-inducing and thrilling at the same time.  

But it can also be manageable – emotionally and financially – or a downright nightmare based on the amount of stuff you have. Save money and precious time by decluttering months before your move.  

10 | Decluttering gives you more space (mentally + physically) to be productive. 

Space to think, to work, or to dance around the living room. Sometimes clutter can physically obstruct your path in a hazardous or irritating way. But at other times, the problem is mental. 

If you are actively working on new goals or projects yet continually failing, you should make sure the space is decluttered & inspiring.  If the space you’re in is messy and full of clutter, you may be self-sabotaging.   

Bonus | Decluttering can make you feel better.   

When you perform actions that will directly improve your life, it can be wildly empowering!  It boils down to you looking at your home or life, deciding you don’t like what you see and then realizing you have the power to do something about it.  

By removing piles of unorganized, mess, junk or crap from the wrong place and putting it where it belongs, you’re essentially taking life by the horns.    When you start creating the home & life you deserve, you can expect a definite mood boost!  


If you’re feeling excited & ready to have all the wonderful benefits of decluttering rain down on your life, check out this post I wrote that explains my perfectly practical method of decluttering! In this post, I even tell you exactly where to start so that you can stop overthinking & start decluttering now! Oh & there’s a ginormous list of things you can declutter in there too – Declutter Your House Now With This Simple Pragmatic Method!


The benefits of decluttering go far beyond having clear surfaces in your home – which actually sounds kind of boring.  Here’s a quick recap of the surprising reasons you should start decluttering right this second: 

  1. The act of decluttering forces you to look at what’s going on in your life.  
  2. Decluttering helps you figure out what you really like & what you’ve outgrown.    
  3. Decluttering is one of the secrets to having a house that always looks clean.    
  4. Decrease your actual cleaning time with a clutter-free home.  
  5. Decluttering your home can be a great way to help others in need. 
  6. Decluttering sharpens your mind.  
  7. Decluttering forces you to be more decisive.
  8. Decluttering your house can be a great way to make money!  
  9. A decluttered home makes moving way less stressful and cheaper.
  10.  Decluttering gives you more space (mentally + physically) to be productive. 
  11. Decluttering can make you feel better. 

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