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We need you to complete a performance review every 4 months for your Cleaning Pro.

Part of what makes our company different is that we know one of the pitfalls of using a cleaning service is that service typically starts off great and then declines.   To avoid this, we ask our clients to do a performance review every 4 months for their Cleaning Pro.  The results of the review are tied to a bonus or other perk that the Pro will appreciate.  We do this to help keep our staff motivated and always “aware” of the importance of maintaining the quality of their work.

Don’t worry, the review will take less than 5 minutes.  We simply want honest feedback so that we can use what you tell us to make our Cleaners and company better!

I have a complaint. What should I do?

We definitely want to know!  We want the opportunity to fix the problem and come up with a long term solution to ensure you are more than satisfied with your service.

Depending on the nature of your complaint, you can start by making your cleaner aware of the issue.  All of our Cleaners take pride in their work and appreciate the opportunity to improve.  If you think management should be made aware of the issue, we are just a phone call away!

Please contact us at 803-474-4774 or send an email to Info@CleaningSC.com so that we can discuss and solve your issue.

Can I contact my cleaner directly?  You sure can but we recommend that you always call our office for the following:


  1. Any SCHEDULE related needs ie, rescheduling a cleaning, skipping a date, etc.
  2. Any PAYMENT related needs ie, payment history, assistance with online payments, etc.
  3. QUALITY concerns should be reported to us.  It’s okay to give your Cleaner a note to let them know you’d like them to pay a little extra attention to a particular area but if you are doing a re-clean after your Cleaner, we WANT to know immediately.  We send emails for you to provide feedback for your cleaner however you do not have to wait for an email if there is something we can address and fix if we are simply made aware of it.

Best Ways to Get in Touch

You can always contact us by calling or texting 803-474-4774 or emailing Info@CleaningSC.com.  Oh, we almost forgot!  You can always contact us through our website as well!

Feel free to send whatever information is relevant to your booking and we will ensure your Cleaning Pro gets the note.

Cleaning Frequencies

For those wanting recurring service, we offer weekly, every 2 weeks and monthly service.  If you want appointments on a more irregular schedule or want your cleanings spaced out a bit further, you will need to book each cleaning as a “one-time” service.  Please let us know if you plan to have an irregular schedule as we want to work with you as best as possible to make sure we can send the same cleaner whenever possible and adjust your pricing to a rate that is lower than our “one-time” rate.


If you sign up for a certain frequency but have recurring or predictable cancellations, we may contact you to find a new recurring frequency that will work best for your schedule.  Please note, your service price will be adjusted to correspond with the frequency your appointments occur.

You can always contact us by calling or texting 803-474-4774 or emailing Info@CleaningSC.com

I want monthly appointments. How do I know when my appointments will occur?

Monthly clients march to a different drum.  Some like their appointments every 4 weeks, while others want an appointment each month.  Whatever you prefer, we will work with you to get your cleanings scheduled.   Each month, roughly 3 weeks after your last appointment, we will send dates to you so that you are able to schedule your next appointment.


Why can’t we give you the same day each month?  (We truly wish we could)  Due to the fact that most clients have appointments weekly or every 2 weeks, monthly clients are not able to have their appointments on the same day each month due to the fact that it will lead to some days being overbooked.

Office Hours vs Working Hours

Our office hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday thru Friday.

Our Cleaning Pros begin work at varying hours:  Some are available as early as 7am.

If you need an early appointment or weekend appointment, let us know and we will match you to a Cleaning Pro that can accommodate your request.

What time will my Cleaner arrive?

We make it a point to NEVER give you a specific appointment time.  Instead, we give you an arrival window since we can’t always predict variances such as traffic or last-minute delays.   The arrival window is typically one hour and 30 minutes.

Flat Rate Pricing vs. Hourly Pricing

We offer a flat rate price that is based on the square footage rather than per hour.   This means that you know exactly what we promise to provide, and our cleaners keep working until the job is done.  Most of our clients prefer this type of pricing due to the fact that their price stays consistent and they always know what to expect.


We also offer an hourly rate that allows you to determine how many hours you’d like to book and what tasks are completed by priority.  With this option, you determine how much to spend and what gets done.  The hourly rate is always per hour, per Cleaner.

Payments are due at the time of service.

Payments are always due at the time of service.  A credit is used to secure appointments so please expect the card to be charged at the completion of your appointment.  If you provide a payment directly to your cleaner, your card will not be charged.


Will I get the same Cleaner every time?

Typically, whoever we send for your first cleaning is who will send for future cleanings.


We ask our clients to make note of the fact that we do allow our Cleaners time off when they are sick and encourage them to take vacation days responsibly .  If your Cleaner is not available for your appointment date, you can:

  1.  Skip that cleaning.  Resume service on your next regularly scheduled appointment date with your Cleaner.
  2. Keep your appointment.  We can simply send another Cleaner to fill in for that day.


You are not obligated to stick with the same Cleaner.  We recruit the best Cleaners in the area so we have plenty of different Cleaning Pros for you to try if the first person we send you is not a Perfect Match.   Even if the cleaning was great but you simply want to try someone else, we are more than happy to send someone new.


Should I tip my Cleaner?

Tip are not required, but are always appreciated by our cleaners. There are several ways you can leave a tip for your cleaners:

  1. You can give or leave them cash at the time of the cleaning
  2. If paying by check, you can include a tip in the check (we will make sure they get it on payday)
  3. You can add it to your credit card charge by calling the office  (we will make sure they get it on payday)

When will I be charged for my cleaning?

Your card is charged at the completion of your cleaning. Typically within 24-48 hours.

Will my cleaner speak English?

We are proud to have a diverse staff that speaks many languages and most importantly, clean better than anyone in the city!  If you prefer your Cleaners be fluent in English, simply let us know!

We Bring Our Own Cleaning Supplies

We will bring everything needed to make your home sparkle and shine.  If you have special products you’d like us to use, please don’t hesitate to let us know that you plan to provide products and/or equipment.  We simply ask that you will release us from liability when it comes to your equipment or the results obtained with the products you would like for us to use.

*We do not apply floor finishes, waxes or polish.

We Have The Best Staff & Products


  • We pay higher wages than anyone!
  • You’ll have a chance to get to know your cleaning technician(s) and she will quickly learn your home and your unique needs.
  • All of our employees go through rigorous testing, background and reference checks, and a strict interview process.  When we use Contractors, they are truly the absolute best in the city and have a stellar track record with lot of satisfied clients.
  • All of our employees are insured and bonded.



  • We use primarily environmentally safe, eco-friendly cleaning products.  Only when a green cleaner won’t get the job done do we use harsher cleaners.
  • Our floor products are always safe for finished floors of any type.

We Are Local, Not a Franchise

We don’t set out just to get as many houses done in a day as possible.

  • We are a local small business (not a franchise) that is 100% committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction.
  • We truly like to get to know our clients and staff.  We’ve found that’s the best way to ensure happy clients and happy staff which is very important to us.
  • Referrals have been our major source of growth over the years.

If you don’t need all of your bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned.

We want to offer our clients a service that fits their situation. We have a flexible hourly service option that will allow you to decide how much you would like us to clean. Hourly cleaning is available for $40 per hour  with a 2-hour minimum.  Incremental Billing is every 30 minutes after the minimum has been reached.

Each additional cleaner is $40 per hour/per Cleaner

Here are a list of items we do not clean.

We provide house cleaning services inside your home. There are however some things that we don’t do.

  • Wipe bulbs and glass fixtures
  • Put away dishes
  • Clean chandeliers
  • Move or lift anything over 15 lbs
  • Step higher than 2 steps on a step stool
  • Remove high levels of trash/debris (must be discussed and billed for prior to the appointment)
  • Clean up animal waste
  • Clean cat litter box
  • Clean insects/rodents/rodent droppings
  • Clean walls (unless you release us from any liability related to paint damage)
  • Clean hard to reach or high areas, windows, ceiling fans
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Clean garages
  • Clean inside cabinets or drawers (except for move in/out cleanings)
  • Clean Walls (Unless released from ALL liability related to the paint)

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

To cancel any cleaning appointment please call or text the office at (803-474-4774.)  In order to give your cleaner adequate notice and possibly book another cleaning in your spot, we ask that you try to let us know at least 48 hours in advance.


What if I won’t be home on my cleaning day?

Easy, just tell us how The Cleaning Club can gain entry into your home when you make your booking. Most customers leave a key under the mat, in a lock box, or provide a code for the garage door so that we can get in and out of their home for the service when they are not home. Our teams are very trustworthy and will be sure to lock up afterwards.

Always Contact Us with changes by either calling, texting or even sending an email to us!

803-474-4774  OR Info@CleaningSC.com

How We Provide Consistently High-Quality Work

Our Commitment to Consistently High Quality Service includes the following:

  • All cleaners receive a performance review every 4 months.  And guess who provides the review–you do!  Who knows better than you what your Cleaner can improve.   The performance reviews are also tied to a bonus that serves as another incentive for our staff.
  • We provide ongoing training.
  • We provide Vision, Dental and other benefits to ensure we are able to retain the best.
  • We search the city for the best Cleaners and invite them to work with us so that the best cleaners in the area are under one roof!
  • If you do not like your Cleaner, simply let us know and we will send you someone different.  Our aim is to get you the Perfect Match and the Perfect Cleaning.

Set up one-time or recurring service.

We are one of the leading providers of home cleaning services in this area. There is no easier way to schedule professional home cleaning.

  1. Start by requesting an estimate or simply book your service online.  You can even start by  calling or texting our office at 803-474-4774.
  2. We will schedule your initial cleaning.
  3. We will select your recurring cleaning slot – same day, same time, same cleaner each cleaning!  (Don’t worry, we can change anything you want along the way)
  4. We will clean your home so it sparkles and shines!

We never ask our customers to sign a contract – our good work is how we keep our customers.  And, all cleanings are 100% guaranteed.  If you are unhappy with any part of your cleaning, just call us within 24 hours and we’ll come back and make it right.

Why do you need my credit card information to redeem a voucher?

All appointments are secured via a credit card however, we do not charge the cards unless there is a fee to obtain after the service has been completed.  If your service is “Free” thanks to your voucher, you will not have any charges unless you receive additional services not covered by your voucher.

Can I apply a Promo Code to an existing appointment?

Yes!  From time to time we will have Promo Codes exclusively for our current clients.

How do I book my first appointment?

There are so many ways to book your first appointment!

If you use the BOOK NOW feature on our website:

  • You’ll be able to secure your service and appointment date online.

If you REQUEST AN ESTIMATE via the form on our site:

  • After you receive your estimate, you’ll be able to email, text or call us to let us know you’d like to book your appointment and need dates.

If you CALL or TEXT:

  • We’ll get all the required information we need to give you an estimate and then book your service.

How do I change my credit card for recurring service?

Just give us a quick call and we can update that information on our end.

If you use the client portal, you’ll be able to update your credit card information that way as well.

How do I change my address?

  •  The Client Portal that you can access from our website.
  • Send us an email with the changes needed to be made.  Info@CleaningSC.com
  • Send a text with the changes that need to be made.  803-474-4774
  • Give us a call to make the changes. 803-474-4774

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password:

  • When trying to access the Client Portal, there will be a “reset my password link”.

If you can login to your account:

  • Go to settings and select “reset password.”

How do I change my password?

If you forgot your password:

  • Use the “forgot my password” link under the password field.

If you know your password and would just like to change it:

  • Login to your account and go to Settings.  You will see the option to “reset password”.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on cleanings.  We are 100% committed to making sure the job is done right so we will gladly return to any job and re-clean any areas that need more attention for free.

Explain your “Make-It-Right” Guarantee.

At The Cleaning Club, we guarantee all of our work.  If you are dissatisfied with anything we do, simply give us a call within 24 hours of the cleaning and we will come back and make it right.

This also extends to items damaged during the course of your cleaning.  If we damage something in your home, we will Make-It-Right by replacing the damaged item or reimbursing you the current value of the item.

Did my Cleaner receive a background check?

All cleaners are thoroughly screened and background checked prior to employment.  Each staff member must provide 3-5 references and have at least 2 years of experience cleaning before we employ or partner with them.

A lot of Pros were hand picked to work with our company based on their stellar reputation and sheer number of very happy clients before ever partnering with The Cleaning Club.

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

Yes!  With cyber crimes being a modern day threat that no can escape, we use every tool at our disposal to keep all client information safe.

Whether you book service over the phone or online, no one is able to see your credit information after it is entered into the system.

We always recommend that everyone that uses credit cards online monitor your statements and ensure you call in suspicious activity immediately.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

If anything goes wrong during your appointment, please call the office at 803-474-4774.

Quality – If you are not happy with your cleaning for any reason, please call the office within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will make arrangements to come back to make it right.

Breakage – Our maids are extremely careful with our customer’s belongings. However, accidents can happen. When they do, our policy is to inform you immediately.  The steps we employ to make the situation right will depend on the current value of the item.  Please move expensive figurines, art and glassware to a safe location when we are in your home to clean.

This coverage does not extend to dishes.

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

We do everything we can to ensure our employees are trustworthy and honest by thoroughly screening applicants and running national criminal background checks prior to hire in addition to other measures.  We will not hire anyone that has any criminal background.

For added peace of mind and to be on the safe side, we ask that you do your part by securing items of significant sentimental or monetary value prior to your scheduled cleaning.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

The Cleaning Club is always willing to customize your cleaning to meet your unique needs. Please note that some extras may require additional charges.  If you request service directly from your Cleaning Pro, they will pass the information to the office so that your price is adjusted accordingly.

We always recommend contacting us at least 24 hours prior to your appointment if you have extras that may be time intensive.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

We will bring everything needed to make your home sparkle and shine.  If you have special products you’d like us to use, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  Some common items people provide are vacuum cleaners, mops and floor cleaners.

Just note we are not responsible for the cleaning or care of any equipment nor are we responsible for the quality of work done with your choice of products.

Will my price differ from my estimate?

We always tell our clients that as long as they give us the most honest of their home as possible, they should not be too concerned about price increases outside of the range we provide in the estimate.

What is included in a standard cleaning?

When you schedule your first cleaning, you are scheduling THE STANDARD.  Our staff follows a checklist which gives you a thorough and detailed cleaning of your house.  You can easily add Extras to this cleaning to cover more areas than what’s included in THE STANDARD.  If you’re also signing up for recurring maid service, THE STANDARD cleaning is what we deliver each time.


Recurring Service 36 Point Checklist


  • Clean cabinet fronts
  • Clean countertops & backsplash
  • Clean sink and faucet
  • Clean microwave (inside and out)
  • Wipe small appliances & items on countertops
  • Dry Dust light fixtures
  • Clean/polish oven exterior
  • Clean/polish refrigerator exterior
  • Clean/polish stove top and vent hood
  • Vacuum and mop kitchen floor
  • Remove trash and replace bag



  • Clean mirrors
  • Dry Dust light fixtures
  • Clean cabinet fronts
  • Scrub the shower and tub
  • Scrub tile and grout
  • Clean shower door
  • Disinfect toilet and toilet area
  • Vacuum bathroom rugs
  • Remove trash and replace bag
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom floors


  • Remove cobwebs and dust ceiling fans
  • Dry Dust light fixtures and wall art
  • Dry Dust doors and door frames
  • Dry Dust window sills and window ledges
  • Dry Dust baseboards and blinds
  • Dry Dust TVs, electronics, knick-knacks, book tops, picture frames, lamps, etc.
  • Dry Dust all furniture – polish as needed
  • Dry Dust banister and handrails
  • Vacuum all floors & mop hard surface floors

Do you service my area?

We service Columbia, SC and all surrounding areas. In addition to that, we also service York and Charlotte.