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Here are a list of items we do not clean.

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We provide house cleaning services inside your home. There are however some things that we don’t do.

  • Wipe bulbs and glass fixtures
  • Put away dishes
  • Clean chandeliers
  • Move or lift anything over 15 lbs
  • Step higher than 2 steps on a step stool
  • Remove high levels of trash/debris (must be discussed and billed for prior to the appointment)
  • Clean up animal waste
  • Clean cat litter box
  • Clean insects/rodents/rodent droppings
  • Clean walls (unless you release us from any liability related to paint damage)
  • Clean hard to reach or high areas, windows, ceiling fans
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Clean garages
  • Clean inside cabinets or drawers (except for move in/out cleanings)
  • Clean Walls (Unless released from ALL liability related to the paint)