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Cleaning Frequencies

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For those wanting recurring service, we offer weekly, every 2 weeks and monthly service.Β  If you want appointments on a more irregular schedule or want your cleanings spaced out a bit further, you will need to book each cleaning as a “one-time” service.Β  Please let us know if you plan to have an irregular schedule as we want to work with you as best as possible to make sure we can send the same cleaner whenever possible and adjust your pricing to a rate that is lower than our “one-time” rate.


If you sign up for a certain frequency but have recurring or predictable cancellations, we may contact you to find a new recurring frequency that will work best for your schedule.Β  Please note, your service price will be adjusted to correspond with the frequency your appointments occur.

You can always contact us by calling or texting 803-474-4774 or emailing Info@CleaningSC.com