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Stats on NZ Online Gambling


Although the time of the pandemic is slowly passing, the popularity of online casinos still ranks high in the search. People are accustomed to playing at the best NZ online casino while sitting in their favorite armchairs and comfortable pajamas or finding entertainment while traveling to distant lands.

However, people have begun to love the intimacy offered by online casinos and have been satisfied with it even now that the doors of all casinos are wide open.

Some users have logged in once and possibly never again, while others have created a gambling culture and have their own time and rituals.

Again, statistics show that 2% of those who use the services of online casinos still overdo it and spend most of the day “hanging out” on these sites. All players have their tactics and their favorite games. All of this can seem chaotic to those who are new to the world of online casinos.

When you enter the term “online casino” into a search engine, you get an endless list of casinos that will send you more or less the same message. The agony does not end even with the choice of one casino.

A new selection of games opens up for players, especially regarding the best casinos with a long tradition. With so many games you may or may not have heard of, how do you choose the best one?

We wanted to find the answer to this very question. However, we did not want to guess, so we decided to take into account the exact statistics. So let's look at the results:


So, the most popular doesn't mean the best for the players... except in this case. With an increase in the number of players, the jackpots grow proportionally. So very often, huge jackpots are played out that can change the player's life very well.

So: a fast game, a great opportunity to win, and ever-growing jackpots. It is quite understandable why 49% of those who enter an online casino play this particular type of game.

Sports Betting

Everyone understands that online sports betting reached its peak during the pandemic when most bookmakers were closed. Unfortunately, we had to go online to play bookmakers, and a good part remained even when bookmakers opened.

It is much more interesting to follow the results with the team and joke about missed matches, but the online version has advantages. First of all, you can follow as many online bookmakers as possible simultaneously and thus keep an eye on the odds.


While it is well known that blackjack is one of the most popular live casino games, the same can be said for online gaming. Why? The matter is clear. Although modern casino techniques have created several obstacles to increasing their edge, this game remains one of the best online casino games. It gives you the best chance of winning.

Statistics show that out of the total number of people who join an online casino, 20% of them play blackjack. However, if you are new to this, we suggest you learn the rules of the house you are playing and how these casino games work.

Only then will you dare to take your place. Very often, casinos place their bets at the tables in order to consolidate their advantage in this way.

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