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Includes a 50+ cleaning planner templates, fillable cleaning checklists, proven cleaning schedules you can swipe, a meal planning system set-up guide, and more to help you get your home life under-control in a way that works for your quirky little personality & schedule in less time.

I'm overwhelmed & tired of feeling like I'm always playing catch up. I just don't know where to start.

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Stop feeling overwhelmed or like a failure when it comes to keeping up with home.  Finally get it together, manage your home (like you actually know what you’re doing) and feel like a productive human being that’s really on top of her game!

The Clean Vibes Kit is a collection of templates + guides that'll help you feel more organized & get control of your home life without spending hours taking yawn inducing courses or googling for more cleaning "printables" that'll only get you halfway to clean.

Even if you work a full-time job or are utterly clueless about where to start with your home.

cleaning planner kit

✅ Finally get into a rhythm when it comes to managing your home that feels natural – and works for your personality

✅ Streamline how you take care of your home and finally feel like you’re managing all your responsibilities without letting anything fall through the cracks

✅  Save time by creating cleaning routines using the included templates to clean more strategically – instead of cleaning more – and see real results around your house

✅ Easily get the most overwhelming messes (eye sores) in your home under control using the Mess Eliminating Elixir & other guides that make getting rid of messes that have you feeling stuck easier than ever

✅  Get dinner on the table quicker & easier than ever so that you have more time & energy to do the other 100 things on your to-do list before going to bed

Total value is over $140

Your one-time offer for the next few minutes = $17

Get instant access to over $140 worth of resources & templates for just $17! 

"I'm usually all over the place but I finally feel like I'm not playing catch-up anymore. Go me!"

When you purchase the Clean Vibes Planner Kit, you’ll have instant access to a garden variety of tools that will help you streamline your home life painlessly.  Keep scrolling to see the power you’ll have at your fingertips.

get organized fast

cleaning planner templates

cleaning planner printables

Easily organize all the details about your home life in a way that works for your quirky personality & hectic schedule with a garden variety of 40+ cleaning planner templates to choose from.

cleaning planner template
daily cleaning planner
daily and weekly cleaning planner
cleaning planner daily and weekly routine
cleaning planner weekly
morning and evening
daily cleaning planner
cleaning routine b
cleaning planner template
total home cleaning checklist

get rid of a messy house fast

mess eliminating guides

cleaning planner templates and tips

Get the absolute worst areas of your home under control quickly – and do it without all the overwhelm.  The included guides are bite-sized with easy to do steps that’ll help you see results around the house fast.

master cleaning plan
detox your schedule
cleaning worksheet

get more time & save money

meal planning made doable

meal plan kit

Whether you’re brand new & bright-eyed, tiptoeing into the world of meal prepping or a war-torn battered soul that’s tried and failed a few times at it, you’ll get some genuine relief out of this kit if the words what’s for dinner turns you into a deer caught in the headlights.  

meal prep system
cleaning planner x

home management kits

streamline your entire home life

clean vibes kit

Make a one-time payment today & enjoy lifetime access to the entire collection plus all future kits that will be added to the Clean Vibes Collection.

"I couldn't make a weekly routine work for me no matter what. And then I used the KISS weekly planner template for grins & giggles. Well, 3 weeks in, I can say I finally have a weekly routine that actually works - who would've thought."

When you purchase the Clean Vibes Planner Kit, you’ll have instant access to a garden variety of tools that will help you streamline your home painlessly.  Even if your schedule is predictably unpredictable. 

Get instant access to the kit for just $17 today with this one-time offer!

Let's roll through this one more time.

Here's all the goodness you'll get when you purchase The Clean Vibes Planner kit!

cleaning planner kit

✅ Micro-sized trainings like the Mess Eliminating Elixir & The Detox you can access from anywhere.  Plus additional guides & lessons that are easy to unpack so you can quickly get your home clean, decluttered and organized – even on your busy schedule. (Valued at $50)

✅ The fillable version of our wildly popular total home cleaning checklist so you use your checklist on your phone while you clean.  (Valued at $27)

✅ 40+ cleaning, productivity & home management planner templates in both fillable & printable options so you can easily organize all the details of your home life in a way that works for you including daily and weekly cleaning schedule templates. (Valued at $57)

✅  12+ unique ideas & inspo for fail-proof routines & cleaning plans that’ll work with your personality & season of life so you don’t have to come up with routines from scratch. (priceless)

✅ Master cleaning plan guide + template so you can plan exactly what you want to clean and when throughout the entire year. (Valued at $12)

✅  The Meal Plan Wizardry Kit includes a beginner’s guide, step-by-step checklist, meal plan style guide and incredibly insightful meal planning templates to give you major relief when it comes to putting food on the table.  (Valued at $27)

✅  Lifetime access to the entire collection plus immediate access to all future home management kits added to The Clean Vibes Collection.  Each kit is designed to help you smooth out a specific area of your home life that may be causing you stress or creating a mess in your life.  (priceless)

Total value is over $140

Your one-time offer for the next few minutes = $17

Get instant access to the kit for just $17 today!

what makes this digital collection a must-have
(besides it being action-packed & over 50% off for the next few minutes)

A Better Managed Home & Life

Trade mess, chaos & stressful days for a clearer head, mornings that flow smooth like water and more sleep. The best way to get rid of bags girl!

From Goal To Reality Fast

Whether you want to get better at cleaning & organizing or spend less time on the hampster wheel, this kit will help you make a simple plan so you can achieve your goal.

One-Time Fee For Lifetime Access

As the collection grows, so will the price. In a few months, the price will be $$$. But you can get in at a heck of a price - just $17.

Get instant access to the kit for just $17.  (Total offer valued at over $140)

How do I know if Clean Vibes For Days is right for me?

thinking about the cleaning planner kit

that's a darn good question...

This kit is for anyone who’s tired of dropping the ball.  Literally & figuratively.  

If you’re ready to get your home life to the place where things run a bit smoother – with less mess & tears – you’re in the right place.  

Whether you want to get better at cleaning, keeping your home cleaner, feel more organized  or tired of that little voice inside your head that’s been telling you there’s a better way to get that long to-do list of yours – that never gets done – done, this kit will help do all that & more. 

A better question to ask is who isn’t this for?  In MHO, if you don’t think you deserve a better life – which includes a clean, cleaner or even just cleanish home –  or if you think however you’ve been living – mess, clutter, chaos, & feeling drained – is just life, well my friend, this definitely isn’t for you.

Get instant access to the kit for just $17 today only!  (Total offer valued at over $140)

Now wait one minute...

I’m not trying to sell you on a bunch of cleaning printables. All I really want is to  show you that the solution to feeling all-over-the-place with your home life (finding that balance between home, work & Netflix) is simpler than you think.  

You just need a plan.  One made by you for you. And that’s where I come in – with these printables & whatnots.

The face behind the kit...

When I started training people how to clean professionally while at the same time coaching people out of their messy homes into more enjoyable ones, a light bulb went off.   

Regardless of the things in your life making it hard to keep your house clean, the only things you really need to get your house together – & keep it under control – is a plan.  A little clarity.  And some consistency.  

So now, I make resources like this to help real people plan how they’re going to keep the dust bunnies in check while doing everything from crushing a 9-5 to being an official snotty nose & bum bum wiper lol.  

From trying to thoughtfully manage all the pieces that make up life to plotting on a way to do incredibly big things.  Like sit down & enjoy 5 minutes of total peace & quiet.  


Enjoy – Victoria 

The Cleaning Club & The Clean Cure

Get instant access to over $140 worth of resources & templates for just $17!