How To Get a Clean House For Life:  71 Super Easy, Actionable Ideas!

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I know you want and, more importantly, deserve a clean house.  Who seriously wants to walk into a messy house after a hard day of work or life? Absolutely no one! 

So guess what?  I’m going to show you what you need to do in order to keep your house clean and tidy — for life.   

But before I tell you how to get a clean house, I’m going to tell you what the number one issue is that’s keeping you from having a clean house.  Are you ready? 

the problem is – take a deep breath – you

Your house is a mess because you are working against yourself. You want a clean house but your habits say otherwise. And by not lining up how you live with your goals, your house will always be messy & you will spend the rest of eternity looking for cleaning tips & hacks to clean your house.

By making simple swaps, following routines & stopping certain bad habits, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to ALWAYS have a clean house!   

Below is a mega list of actionable ideas you can use to understand what it takes to have a house that virtually stays clean for life! Stay committed & stay motivated my friend — the keys to your clean house are below!


A clean house starts with you
Change starts from within…

1 |  Purge (#Declutter)

If you’ve ever moved, then you know what it’s like to start going through your stuff and realize how much of it is actually random crap that should have been thrown away a long time ago.


  • Every 3-4 months, make it a point to go from room to room looking for items to give away or trash. 
  • This includes items in excess, that are broken or simply no longer work.
  • Do not forget to declutter drawers, closets and kitchen cabinets.

2 | Embrace The Spirit Of Minimalism

The true spirit of minimalism is making an intentional effort to only posses items that bring value to your life.  If you had to leave your home forever but could only take one carload of items, what would make the cut?

The 50 coffee mugs in the pantry or all the random papers & bills probably won’t make it. What else is in your house that really is either excessive or simply serves no purpose? Look around — you’ll be surprised.

Some people have made minimalism technical & centered on having a specific number of items in the home which is unnatural in my opinion. However you practice minimalism, it should be a reflection of your personality & done in a way that brings you happiness.


3 | Don’t Live In The Entire House 

Think of it this way – the fewer areas you use, the less you have to keep clean.  It doesn’t matter whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or an eight-bedroom mini-mansion, the same principle applies.  


  • Create dedicated spaces that you enjoy for everything from eating to crafts & hobbies. 
  • Make some areas off-limits or only allow certain activities to take place in designated areas. 

4 | Buy Cleaning Products & Tools You’ll Enjoy Using


If you hate cleaning, this is especially for you. You can make the actual experience of cleaning more enjoyable by buying products & tools that are high-quality or even fun.

Kinda like riding in a car — a Honda will get you where you need to go but a Ferrari will have you speeding down the highway, whipping your hair back and forth and enjoying every second of the ride!


BUYING TIP:  Make sure you are buying floor tools that are appropriate for the size of your home.  And be sure to have the right tools based on the condition of the floors you’re cleaning! 

Recommendation for a vacuum cleaner

5 | Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Close

Let’s face it, if you keep your toothbrush in the laundry room, will you really brush your teeth twice a day?  I seriously doubt it.  It would be too far away — a total inconvenience.  Location (or accessibility) is everything!


  • Keep cleaning supplies for a specific area in that area.
  • For example, store your bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom.  Make things easy on yourself & keep a toilet bowl brush in each bathroom.  
  • Keep extra trash bags in small trash cans so that you can quickly remove trash & replace the liner without extra effort.   

6 |Cleaning Routines Actually Work


Supercharge your cleaning efforts by building mini cleaning routines into your day.  The more small routines you have, the easier it’ll be to keep the whole house clean.  


  • Have a schedule!  You need to plan out when you want to perform your routine & stick to it!  
  • Think about how long your routine should take from start to finish.  Remember that when you first start, you’ll probably take a bit longer than you want until you get the hang of it.  
  • 30 days makes a habit!  Practice makes perfect!  You get the idea!  Perform your routine as often as possible so that eventually it becomes second nature and not a chore.  

7 | Get Everyone Involved 

If you have a family, this is a powerful idea that will change your home for good —  everyone that lives in the space cleans!  No exceptions!  

No amount of activities, homework or resistance changes this requirement!  These days, everyone is busy but by working as a unit, you can accomplish more with less effort.  


  • If there are 4 people in the home and everyone spends 15 minutes cleaning, that’s literally an hour’s worth of cleaning done in 15 minutes!
  • A great time to try this technique is when it’s time to clean the kitchen!  (You can actually use this technique in any community area.)
  • Grab a timer and really put the pressure on & make things kinda fun! 

8 | Mix Style With Functionality

You’ve heard this before and it’s a smart – buy furniture that does more than just look good.  You want it to double as hidden storage or serve another useful purpose around the house.  The key here is to do more with less.  Just remember extra storage is not for storing more junk.

Hidden storage never looked so stylish!


9 | Create Landing Zones aka Command Centers

Keys, mail, random papers – where do they all go? Create one designated area for these items to be temporarily stored. 


  • It can’t be a drawer!  Drawers have a tendency to turn into the upside-down (junk drawers) and that’s not what we want in our lives. 
  • A cute basket or some sort of shelving system will be perfect for these random items.
  • Return to the landing zone regularly to sort through all the items you dropped off.  The last thing you want is for this area to become cluttered!
This or even a simple basket make great landing zone options!


10 | Clean As You Go

After you brush your teeth, wipe out the sink.  Just finished eating?  Go ahead and wash your bowl and spoon.  After you use the toilet, swish the brush around with a little cleaner. You get it right? None of these tasks take more than one minute to complete.

The more you clean after yourself in the midst of creating the mess, the less you have to do later — point-blank.


11 | Don’t Half-A** Laundry

Wash, fold & put away in one day – no exceptions guys.   Now on the bright side, you don’t have to do all of the laundry in one sitting.  If you can only handle one load, then one load it is.


  • Not everything needs to be washed after one wear or use.  This is especially true for jeans, pajamas & outerwear.  
  • Bath towels can be used for 3-7 days, but you must be sure to hang your towel after use so that it dries properly between uses.  
  • A routine or laundry schedule will keep your laundry from getting out of control. I personally do laundry twice a week. I hate doing laundry so the smaller amounts keep me motivated to see it through.

12 | Do Not Leave Dirty Dishes In The Sink Over Night

You never want to leave dishes in the sink overnight.  Dried, stuck on food is hard to clean, and it leaves your sink smelly.

Oh, and bugs will eventually become hip to the fact that they can always find food in your sink – that’s not the kind of company you want to keep.

If you hand wash your dishes, make sure you have a dish rack that is stylish yet tough enough to handle the load.

13 |  Clean Spills, Stains & Spots Immediately

If you’re not already doing this, what are you waiting for!?! Sticky floors & unsightly stains on your carpets & upholstered furniture can make your house look dirty even when it’s not!


  • If you have small children, when they spill something, grab a cloth or some paper towel and sing the clean up song.  Make it fun & they’ll love it — and become responsible human beings at the same time for the win!
  • Keep a good stain remover on hand. There are plenty of good options in stores as well as some solid DIY options.
  • Treat your upholstered furniture with a stain repellant to be proactive.

14 |  Children & Toys Stay In Certain Areas

Toys are only allowed in certain areas of the house. They’ll understand.

If you let your children have free reigns to your house, you will pay for it later.  Just think of the amount of time you waste having to clean crayon off the sofa or gathering toys from all over the house.   


  • Not only are boundaries good for them, they are good for you and your house!  
  • Young children should have designated areas for activities such as sleeping, playing and eating. 
  • Toys don’t go to the dinner table and food doesn’t go to the bedroom. 
  • Even washable crayons & markers don’t always clean up easily so limit where your children color.

15 | Empty All Trash Cans Daily To Prevent Odors

From food to diapers to lady products, trash cans are an obvious source of major odors. You may want to check out this post all about odors & how to make your house smell good!

Anyone that comes to your home will get a good strong whiff of whatever you’ve left brewing in your trash cans as soon as you open the front door if you’re not emptying trash cans on a daily basis. 


  • Keep trash bag liners in all of your trash cans, not just the one in the kitchen!  Doing so will keep the actual trash can free of dirt and grime so that it looks clean as well as prevents odors from absorbing into the trash can’s surface.
  • When something spills in any of your trash cans, you must wipe it out!  Especially in the kitchen. 
  • If your current trash can is in bad shape, replace it with a new one but commit to keeping it clean inside and out.

16 | Eat In One Place


I am guilty of indulging in a bowl of ice cream on the couch only to have the special moment ruined when I look down and see a big chocolate ice cream stain looking back at me.  #BuzzKill


  • Eat at the dinner table like mom taught you to do! 
  • If you are going to stray from the dining table, take precautions like using a placemat or even better, a small portable table.  
  • Use a fabric protector on your sofas and couches so that spills won’t make you sweat! 

17.  Shoes Come Off At The Door

You’ll be stopping dirt, sand, and grime from being tracked all over the house which will shave minutes off your cleaning time and extend the life of your floors and carpets.  


  • Make sure the doorway does not turn into a mountain of shoes by either investing in a shoe rack or some other organization system.
  • Wear socks.  This will help cut down on those oily footprints.
  • A welcome mat on either side of the door will also help to contain dirt brought in on shoes. 

18 | Vacuum Carpets Weekly

When you see fresh carpet lines, the room immediately screams clean!  For an instant pick me up, set aside 15 minutes to vacuum your carpets and rugs. Carpets can become downright disgusting & stinky if neglected so don’t ignore this one.


  • Vacuum high traffic areas daily if possible. 
  • Low traffic areas should be vacuumed weekly and unused areas of the home should be done on a monthly basis.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to absorb odors and amp your vacuuming game!
Download a free copy of the mega list of actionable ideas


No matter how busy you are, you always have time for the things you want to do! And if you want a clean house for life, short cleaning routines are a great way to achieve that.

I like cleaning routines because they keep you focused & productive which is very useful if you get distracted easily.


19.  Declutter (10 minutes)

Grab a basket or a box and collect everything that is somewhere it doesn’t belong!   Think of this as an intensely rapid decluttering session.

20 | Fluff Pillows, Fold Blankets, Straighten Objects (10 minutes)

Take the pillows on your sofas and beat them together like tambourines!  This will put a little life back into worn down pillows and make the sofa more inviting.


  • Blankets in the living room make things cozy but they can make a room look messy if not placed properly.  Either hide your blankets or fold them when not being used.
  • If you are not the best decorator, simply straighten objects so that they are lined up – think of a military formation.  It’s pleasing to the eye.
  • If pillows are a little too deflated, simply replace them or stuff them with filling from any craft store.  

21 | Sweep/Vacuum Floors (10 minutes)

Floors are one the most neglected parts of the home but they really need more attention than almost anywhere else! You ever noticed how much better your house smells after cleaning the floors?


  • Whether you are vacuuming or sweeping, always clean the corners or the edges first, and the inside of the room last.
  • Please do not use floor polishes — they are often more work than people expect. And can make your floors look horrid if not maintained properly.
  • Most hardwood floors are finished so you can actually mop them with water. Just use a damp mop. Too much water & they streak.

22 |  Clean Toilet Bowls (5 minutes)

It’s super quick to do & will definitely deodorize the bathrooms & house. I like to leave a little cleaning product in the toilet after I clean it for long-lasting freshness.


  • Make sure you have a toilet bowl brush for each bathroom.
  • Use a pumice stone for stubborn stains.
  • If you have time, grab a cleaning towel and be sure to wipe off the seat and around the hinges.   

23 | Empty Trash Cans (2 minutes)

Empty every single trash can and be sure to put extra liners inside the trash can. Simple enough right?



Again, if you want a clean house for life, you have to clean smarter. You have to be selective of how & where you spend your time cleaning. Again routines of all sorts are all over the internet because they work!

You can get a lot of decluttering & cleaning done in an hour! Just be sure to plan out your time wisely. I recommend using a timer to help you stay on track but something else you may want to have is a little music. Surprise!

Below is an awesome example of an hour-long cleaning routine that focuses on high-traffic areas. Items 24-30

24 | Focus On High-Traffic Areas

Now is the time to have a plan in mind and stick to it!  You only have one-hour so you want to make sure you tend to the areas that need that most attention.  Where are your high traffic areas?

25 | Declutter (10 minutes)

If you haven’t noticed, I am always going to suggest that decluttering your house should bet he main priority! Why is that? A house that’s cluttered will never really look clean — even if it is clean.


Don’t worry about finding proper homes for all of the misplaced items right now — you’ll do that later when you have more time. 

26 |  Dust High & Low (15 minutes)

You’ll be surprised at how much dust you’ll see when you look up & when you look down!  Once those high areas are done, you can concentrate on the low areas.


  • Grab a high-duster and run it along the ceiling & corners of every room followed by the baseboards.
  • Keep your momentum going by high dusting the whole house without stopping or switching tasks.
  • No high-duster? Grab a broom!

27 | Make It Pretty (10 minutes)

Very small things can make a huge impact on how your house looks. Just like a restaurant, presentation is key!


  • Position blinds so that they are uniform.
  • Make beds.
  • Tidy items on surfaces.
  • If you’re not a great decorator, straight lines always work.

28 |  Unload the dishwasher (10 minutes)

I put it in this routine but it’s something that really should be done every day. Make sure you use a rinse aid to make sure dishes are clean & dry when it’s time to put them away.


Remove & carry the caddy that contains all of the silverware instead of walking back and forth pulling a handful of forks & knives out at a time.

29 |  Clean Toilets (5 minutes)

We’re giving the toilets more TLC this time. Spray that baby down from top to bottom, inside and out, and then proceed to wipe her clean! With this hour-long routine, be sure to clean the floor around the toilet & the pipes.

30 | Sweep Or Vacuum Floors (15 minutes)

The eye is naturally drawn to corners meaning you’ll see dirt and dust there first.  And because those are often the most neglected areas of the floor, you should start there to ensure you don’t forget about them later. 


31 |  Block Off 2-5 Hours

With this much time, the entire house is getting cleaned — but I have a warning for you. I’ve seen so many people spend the day cleaning only to realize they could have finished hours sooner had they not been distracted. If you want to get the whole house cleaned fast, read this.


  • Make a plan.
  • Set a timer.
  • Set a timer.
  • Set a timer. I cannot stress this enough!

32 | Work Task-By-Task Not Room-By-Room

Because there is an endless number of tasks you can complete when cleaning, you need to make a hit list of the things you want to clean.  And then pick a task and stick to it until the end!


  • Do not jump back and forth from cleaning bathrooms to dusting and back to cleaning bathrooms for example.  Either dust all the rooms or clean all the bathrooms first.
  • The completion of one task in its entirety will be a huge morale booster which will help push you along to your next task.

33 | The One Essential You Need To Kick Your Cleaning Into Overdrive

Music.  Bet you weren’t expecting that were you!?

Seriously, a little music will supercharge your cleaning session so that the time literally flies by and you’ll be done cleaning before you know it.

You’ll be dusting and twisting and dipping and before you know it, you’re all done – it works like magic.  Trust me!


Morning cleaning routine

This is the third section dedicated to a routine. Guys, routines are just that powerful because if you stick to them, they stop being routines & they become habits.

By following short, daily routines, you don’t allow your house to become messy.

34 | Make Your Bed (Or Not)

Now you won’t believe this but you don’t actually have to make the bed if you don’t want to.


  • Just straighten the blanket and top sheet out a bit and then fold them back towards the end of the bed. 
  • Smooth out the fitted sheet, fluff the pillows and be on your way.
  • Bonus!  Making your bed is one the habits of highly successful people so let’s get to it!

35 | Tidy Your Night-Stand

The night-stand has a tendency to turn into the upside-down if we don’t keep it clean.  Remove trash, take dishes to the kitchen and straighten the other items on the night-stand surface.

36 |  Place Clothing In One Area

If your room looks like a tornado came through, but really it was just that you were looking for an outfit, this is for you. 


  • Plan your outfit the night before.   I know sometimes this is easier said than done but it can be done! 
  • Try to plan all or most of your outfits for the week if you’re feeling up to it.  Do this a few times and it’ll become easier.  I promise.
  • If you know having clothes everywhere is inevitable, you have to force yourself to tidy up the losing outfits before you leave the house. 
  • Once you find your winning outfit, be sure to gather all of the clothing that didn’t make the cut and neatly place them in one area.  A bed, a chair or even a basket will work perfectly — the goal is simply to leave your room somewhat presentable.  

37 | Hang Towels After Use


Coming home to wet towels on the floor is not very welcoming.  Hang your towel in the morning after you shower so that it can dry properly and keep the floor clutter-free. 


  • There’s much debate about when a towel is actually considered “dirty” but the general consensus appears to be that you should expect 3-5 uses out of your towel before it’s actually “dirty.”  Regardless, either hang it up or put it in a hamper when you’re done. 

38 |  Empty The Dishwasher

Don’t huff – it has to be done at some point.  While you’re making coffee, start unloading the dishwasher.  When you come home in the evening, you’ll be so glad it’s already done!


39 | Clean While You Cook

Ok, get your game face on!  Everything goes straight from the stove into glassware or plasticware.  And yes you heard me right!  This means you will be washing the pot not sitting it in the fridge!  


  • While you’re waiting for your food to finish cooking, you should be at the sink washing the utensils and tools you’ve used.
  • Cleaning counters or even better, cleaning out the fridge to make room for this evening’s leftovers is a fantastic idea!
  • Oh and if you didn’t empty the dishwasher this morning, now’s the time to do it.

40 | Vacuum High-Traffic Areas

Ok so how often should you really vacuum?   To answer that question, I have to ask you another question.


  • How many people are in the house? 
  • Whatever that number is tells you how many times per week you should vacuum high traffic areas.
  • If you have 4 people in your home, the high traffic areas should be vacuumed 4 times a week.
  • Low traffic areas only need to be vacuumed once per week or even every 2 weeks. 

41 |  Run The Dishwasher

It is very easy to forget to start the dishwasher so make it a point to always start the dishwasher at the same time every day.

Make sure you are not putting dishes with food on them in the dishwasher!  That’s a one-way ticket to a clog and Stinkville! 

42 |  Plan Your Outfits

Ok, this is a tip you’ve heard but it’s a powerful one a lot of people don’t make use of for some reason.

Planning in the evening gives you the early morning win you need to coast throughout the day!


  • Even if you don’t have time to plan your outfits, at least do the following: 
  • Scrub your schedule to see what’s on the agenda for tomorrow,
  • Locate your purse, car keys and any other items you’ll need when you head off in the morning.
  • Meal prepping is always a bonafide win!  Plot your lunch & dinner if you have time.  

43 | Put Your Dirty Clothes In A Hamper

 I know you’re tired after a long day at work but when you take off your work clothes, put them in the appropriate place – not the floor.  

44 |  Take The Trash Out

Once it’s time to shut the house down for the evening, let’s take the trash out so that we can start fresh in the morning.



45 |  Daily Attention Is A Must

Something must be cleaned in the bathroom each day in order to keep it from going to sugar honey iced tea…

46 | Hang Towels Up After Use

No more towels left on the floors or on the sinks.  If it needs to be washed, place it in a hamper, otherwise, hang it up.

47 |  Clean The Toilet Bowl Daily


A lot goes on in this spot – it only takes 10 seconds to scrub away any evidence you were ever there.  Plus a fresh bowl really freshens up the entire bathroom. 

If you have unsightly rings in the toilet, a pumice stone is the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed.  Easy to use and non-toxic, it’s full of surprising uses for around the house!  

48 |  Clean The Shower While You’re In The Shower

If it’s in the shower, you can easily spray and wipe down surfaces when you hop in. Of course, it’s best if you use something non-toxic since you’ll be in the middle of all that cleaning action!


  • Remove product bottles once they are empty.
  • Consider getting a hair catcher or at least wipe the hair out of the shower once you finish.
  • A squeegee is great to use on the shower for glass doors to prevent scum build-up.
  • Run the ventilator in the bathroom or open a window to remove excess moisture which leads to mold.

49 | Clean Hair Off The Bathroom Floor Daily

Hair is like a gift and a curse!  And while we’d all prefer to keep our hair on our heads, unfortunately, quite a bit can be found on the bathroom floor graveyard.


  • Keep a small vacuum cleaner or broom close by to remove hair.
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor before you get into the shower or get the floor wet.  Wet hair is almost impossible to clean up!
  • Hair falls from the counters to the floors so knock hair off the counters before cleaning the floor.

50 | Wash Bath Mats Every 3 Months

Shake them out regularly, vacuum them if possible and replace them when needed.

51 | Get Rid Of All Of Your Old Make-Up & Beauty Products

You’ll free up so much space by getting rid of old and expired products.

Plus you get a chance to take inventory of what you have and I’ll be you have some great anti-wrinkle creams that have been waiting to kiss your face!

52 | Swap Bar Soap For Liquid

If you use bar soap, you’re making your life harder than it has to be!   If you wonder where the thick film in your shower is coming from, that’s the main culprit.

Swap the soap bar for liquid soap to help prevent excessive soap scum in your bathrub or shower ASAP! 

53 | Get A Hair Trap For Your Shower

Hair in the bottom of the shower is not only unsightly but leads to clogs which are no fun!  Hair traps are super affordable and an easy way to collect and remove hair.  

54 | Prevent Mold & Mildew In The Shower

No matter how clean you are, mold and mildew do not discriminate – it loves warm, wet places and unfortunately, your shower is the perfect escape!


  • Buy a mold inhibitor and treat your shower regularly. 
  • Another alternative:  hand wipe surfaces dry in the shower.

55 | Wipe Out The Sink After Brushing Teeth

Yes, I know you will be rushing in the morning, but if you can take just 5 seconds, grab a paper towel and wipe excess toothpaste out of the sink.  Doing this on a daily basis will help keep your sink from turning into a bowl of grossness.

56 | Get Excess Products & Items Off Your Counters

If your counters have lots of loose items, there’s a strong possibility that things can get a little unsightly from time to time.  Plus, it can make cleanup difficult or even impossible.


  • Get a basket and put those items in there!  You can then store the basket on the counter if there’s space or under the sink. Just remember to declutter that basket on a monthly basis.


57 | Follow The Kitchen Rules

First, you have to make a few rules & then you have to follow them. Staying motivated is the key here. No one typically likes “rules” but just remember, you are only doing this to get rid of bad habits that are making the house dirtier than it has to be.

58 | Do Not Leave Dirty Dishes In the Sink Without First Rinsing Them Clean

Always, always rinse dishes clean when you take them to the sink. Even if you’re not going to wash them right then, simply rinse them off. Doing this one little thing will make clean up so much easier whenever you do get around to washing the dishes.

59 | Empty Out The Fridge & Freezer Weekly


The contents of your fridge are like an expression of your life.  If you look inside and realize it’s a mess, you’ve got some work to do my friend!

Keeping your fridge clean will reduce random odors and waste, help you stay on your food plan and make you feel good in general.

60 | Change Dish Towels Often

Do not leave dirty dish towels or sponges filled with food and grease balled up on your sink. Rinse them out after each use so that they are clean. Then fold them and hang them on the sink to dry – or just place in the hamper if they are dirty.

61 | Run The Garbage Disposal Every Day

Another major source of odor is the garbage disposal.  Simply rinsing dirty dishes is how a lot of the food ends up just sitting there, so be sure to run the disposal regularly. 


  • Be careful to keep silverware and other small objects from falling into the disposal so that you can avoid having to make costly repairs. 
  • I also like to use garbage disposal cleaners from time to time just to make sure things are nice and clean down there.   

62 | Rinse Out The Sink Every Time You Use It

When you clean dishes off in the sink, give the entire area a good rinsing to ensure food does not have the chance to become hardened and stuck to the sides of the sink.  It’s ridiculously difficult to clean and can become smelly!


  • Keep a scour sponge & soft scrub close by to easily scrub the sink clean after use.

63 | Swap Carpeted Kitchen Mats For Rubber Ones


Carpeted surfaces in a kitchen hold on to everything from grease to odors.  The best way to clean them is to wash them regularly. But most of us don’t have time to do that so let’s just swap the carpeted mats for a rubber mat that can easily be wiped clean.

64 | The One Floor You Must Mop At Least Once Per Week

So much happens in the kitchen!  Just look at the floor! By not cleaning it daily, you’re just spreading crumbs & gunk throughout the entire house. This is definitely a high-traffic area so you should sweep the kitchen floor every day and mop it weekly at a minimum.

65 | Keep The Oven Clean – The Easy Way

One of my secrets to keeping a clean oven is a pumice stone. When I need to do a light cleaning, I just use that stone and in 1-2 minutes, the oven is perfectly clean without the use of heavy fumes or lots of scrubbing.


Laundry Day Tips

66 | Establish A Laundry Routine

Whether you’re going to do all of the laundry on Saturdays or dedicate Tuesdays & Thursdays to this task, having a routine will definitely keep your laundry under control.

67 | Keep A Separate Hamper Specifically For Towels

Towels are bulky so they take up a lot of space in the hamper! Keep a separate hamper just for towels because even though they take up a lot of space, they are super easy to wash, fold and put away compared to clothing.

68 | Wet Clothes Need To Be Washed ASAP

Let’s have a moment of truth here – have you ever smelled your workout clothes?  Do it once and you’ll never wait to wash your gym clothes again. Wash workout clothing or sports uniforms as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the stronger they’ll smell.


69 | The Laundry Room Needs To Be Decluttered & Cleaned Weekly

The laundry room can easily become the eye-sore of your house if don’t put energy into keeping it clean & decluttered. If you are using your laundry room as a catch-all with no organization, here are a few simple things you can do to clean that space up a bit.


  • Identify the items you’re putting in there that have nothing to do with “laundry.” Is there a better place for these items?
  • Once identified, remove everything that should have a new home or be trashed.
  • Organize what’s left & be sure to clean your laundry room every two weeks.

70 | Swap Powder Or Liquid Detergent For Pods

If it’s normal to have powder or liquid detergent spilled everywhere in your laundry room, you should switch to pods which are 100% mess-free. I alternate between all 3 but I can say pods save me so much time since I can’t make a mess with them.


  • Prefer liquid detergent — be sure to keep the outside of the bottle clean. I actually wipe the bottle off right after use with something I’m putting into the washing machine.
  • The detergent can make your cabinet surfaces gummy. Lining the cabinets is also a great idea to prevent damage & keep things clean.

71 | Wipe Off The Washer & Dryer Weekly

When you clean the kitchen, take a detour to the laundry room and wipe off your appliances from time to time. When you take time to actually look at the doors of your washer and dryer, you’ll probably be shocked at how dirty they really are.

BONUS TIPS | Other things to consider

  • What do you have a lot of in your house? Things in excess mean you probably have more than you really need. Getting rid of excess items keeps your house helps your house look tidy.
  • What are you doing with excess papers, mail & bills? Collect papers every 2 weeks and have a shred day. Stores like Staples shred papers for a fee so that’s also an option.
  • Have a hard time getting rid of items because of their sentimental value? Wearing gloves may help block your sense of touch & trick your brain into believing the items aren’t so important after all.


This is a big list so remember you don’t have to use all of these tips at once. That would actually be impossible! Instead, simply choose 3-5 to follow and build on that over time. If you fall off the wagon (and everyone does), figure out what happened but don’t dwell — keep moving forward! By changing your habits, little by little, you will truly be able to enjoy mess-free living for life!

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