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Everybody Loves Laundry

Four Tips For Tackling Laundry Like a Pro We can all probably agree on one thing: doing laundry can take an eternity…and more so if you let it pile up. In fact, laundry is one of the most hated household chores, and it’s because of this that any home organization plan needs to be able […]

Washing Dishes:-(

Tackle And Minimize Dirty Dishes With These Tips Being able to tackle and minimize your dirty dishes isn’t impossible. With our myriad of cleaning products, storage containers, and dishwashers, washing dishes can turn into an easy task with a little planning. If you’ve been washing dishes one-by-one under the faucet, here are some tips that’ll […]


Micro-Cleaning Series: Gain Control Over Housekeeping With These Three Simple Tricks  Cleaning–a tiresome chore. But we’re willing to bet that many people hate cleaning because it’s time-consuming. Isn’t there a way to minimize your workload? Luckily, there is, with these three simple tips to help you gain control over your housekeeping.  Minimize the stray hair […]

Clean Smarter!

The most efficient way to clean is to do it in small bouts on a daily basis, and most important, to have a method and system in place. Feeling overwhelmed by your housework? Implement these tips and you can drastically reduce your workload: Create a “Clean-up” Kit near every major spot in the house. A […]

Delegating: Your New Best Friend

Delegating: Another Secret to Getting Things Done   Time-management isn’t about getting everything done. With the few hours in the day, you can’t spend it all working. Another secret to getting things done and maintaining your sanity is delegation.   Delegating isn’t about bossing people around or being lazy. It’s about asking for help when you […]

What will you do with 1440 minutes?

1440 Minutes in a Day: A Simple Trick To Keep You From Wasting Them   Let me start by saying this is a continuation from last week, so if you didn’t read last weeks blog, you may want to take a second to catch up!  Unfortunately, we’re not always great at time management. More often […]