Are you a franchise or locally owned?

Lexann’s Cleaning Co. is a company that was started right here in Columbia, SC.  Not only is it locally owned, it’s Vet owned as well.


Do I need to supply the cleaning solutions or will you?

We bring all of our own supplies with the exception of toilet bowl brushes.  We ask all of our clients to keep a toilet bowl brush in each bathroom.  If you would like for us to use particular products, just set them out for us and we will be happy to use them.


Do I have to be home while you clean?

You do not have to be home.  You will simply need to make sure that we can enter your home if you will not be there.


Do you use all natural products?

Some of our products are 100% natural.   Our philosophy is that if we get into a tough spot, we need to use the best product available to get the job done and sometimes it’s a natural product, and sometimes, it is not.


What do you use on hardwood floors?

We have to use a hardwood cleaner that is appropriate for your floor finish.  For light duty jobs, waterless systems may work, but heavy duty jobs require more traditional methods of cleaning to get the best results.


Can you make my floors shine?

That really depends on what is on your floors.  If you have a factory finish and the floors no longer shine because they have not been cleaned, then the answer is “yes.”  If you have applied a floor finish of any kind to your floors, while we can clean the floors, we may not be able to make them shine.  If you have applied a floor finish, please read the after-care instructions.  Unfortunately, most consumer grade floor finishes will produce a haze or film if cleaned with the incorrect solution.


Can you clean the inside of my fridge or oven?

Absolutely!  It is one of the additional services that we offer so if you’d like your fridge or oven cleaned, we are more than happy to give you current pricing.


How can I pay?

Once your service is completed, you can provide your cleaning team with a check made out to Lexann, LLC or pay your online invoice.  There may be a convenience fee with online payments.   We can also set up recurring payments that are drafted from a CC or DC to make life easier for you.


Why does my first appointment cost more than my following appointments?

The first time we clean your home, regardless of the type of cleaning you are receiving, it is typically more time and labor intensive than your cleanings that will follow.  The price is slightly higher to cover the additional time we spend making your home like new!


Will my price change later on?

Our estimates are based on the size and condition of the home.  The size won’t change, but if the condition of your home changes to the point where it affects the time we spend in your home, the price will need to be adjusted.


How do you calculate my price?

We use the square footage of your home as well as the overall condition to calculate the estimate.


Will I have the same person each time?

We like to have at least 3 staff members that are knowledgeable enough of your home and preferences so that if one person is off for the day, one of the others can fill in.  We do this in an attempt to minimize service interruptions that would be inconvenient for you.


Do you offer any type guarantee?

Yes!  If you’re not happy, we are not happy.  All you have to do is call us within 48 hours of your appointment and we will gladly take care of anything that may have been missed or not cleaned to your standard.  If we are unable to fix the issue within 24 hours of you contacting us, not including weekends or holidays, we will issue you a partial refund.


Can I tip the staff?

There is no better way to say “Thank You” and your cleaning team really appreciates it!


Is there a contract?

No way!  We only want your money if you’re happy to give it to us!