About Us

Lexann was created with the intent to give you freedoms that you never thought you could have. Freedom to do things like—go to the gym, spend more quality time with your family, have some “me” time, focus more on work and less on what needs to be done at home, or maybe even sleep-in a bit longer in the mornings—the list is never ending.

So how do we give you these freedoms? We do it by offering two core services that tackle everything from cleaning your home to making sure you have the right shoes for the big event tonight & everything in between!

Lexann’s Cleaning & Housekeeping Service

Our professional staff provides cleaning services to commercial & residential clients throughout the Midlands. While we take great pride in ensuring that we use the best cleaning practices and products, we put just as much energy into providing outstanding customer service to each of our clients. We also value the trust our clients place in us so for peace of mind, we are licensed, bonded & insured.


Concierge Services by Lexann (Currently Not Available)

What is a “concierge service”? In all honesty, it’s just a fancier way to say “Errand Service”. From a practical standpoint, you can think of it as having a personal assistant on speed dial! We provide an array of services to our clients such as grocery shopping, personal shopping, quote procurement, project assistance, office assistance, event planning, sitting, & the list goes on. Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, whatever the job (not matter how big or small), our professional staff is at your service.