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Four Tips For Tackling Laundry Like a Pro

We can all probably agree on one thing: doing laundry can take an eternity…and more so if you let it pile up. In fact, laundry is one of the most hated household chores, and it’s because of this that any home organization plan needs to be able to tackle this issue. So how do we go about tackling laundry like a pro? First, read these four tips and you’ll find out:


Categorize your laundry

Doing all your laundry in one day will likely leave you exhausted, not to mention that you may miss some important items. Categorize your laundry: choose one day of the week to tackle the sheets, towels, and even the cases for the couch cushions. On another day, you can focus on delicate clothing. This system will help you avoid burning out in a couple of hours.


Separate as you go. Separating clothes takes time, so even before you let them pile up in the hamper, invest in different hampers for various colors (or categories of laundry). When laundry day rolls around, you’ll be glad that you took five minutes to separate clothes ahead of time.


Fold and put away clothes immediately after you take them out of the drier or off of the clothes line. Letting clothes linger after they’re dry not only gets them wrinkly, but it makes you less likely to start folding, sorting, and putting away a large pile. As clothes dry, immediately fold them and place them in the closet or drawers.


Wash less often. Unless you wear white clothing frequently (which does need to be washed after each use), forget about washing clothes so often. Things like jeans, blazers, sweaters and dresses can be worn more than once before washing. A good tip is to remove the clothing as soon as you get home–steam it with your iron (or let it hang in the bathroom while you shower) to freshen up a bit.


What do you do to handle the laundry load??

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