Washing Dishes:-(

Tackle And Minimize Dirty Dishes With These Tips

Being able to tackle and minimize your dirty dishes isn’t impossible. With our myriad of cleaning products, storage containers, and dishwashers, washing dishes can turn into an easy task with a little planning. If you’ve been washing dishes one-by-one under the faucet, here are some tips that’ll reduce the amount of water, energy, and time you’re putting into this chore.

Use cookware that doubles for storage container. With the options we have when it comes to food containers, it’s surprising not more people use Pyrex or another container brand that can double as storage. Aside from giving you the flexibility to cook, brands like Pro Glass come with snap-on lids that turn your container into a carry-along.

Soak the dishes in very hot water inside your sink (with soap)–it’ll be like giving your dishes a bubble bath. This is for those times when you need to wash dishes by hand. Soaking dishes in soap and water not only saves water, but also cuts down on scrubbing time. To protect your dishes and sink, make sure to place a plastic mat inside the sink or get a dedicated plastic tub.

Make a treatment solution for heavily-soiled dishes. Washing greasy, or burnt pots and pans doesn’t need to be the hassle it currently is. If you want to be ready to tackle these messes, just sprinkle baking soda and a bit of dish soap on the dirty areas. Add some very hot (boiling, if you can) water and let it soak. Within hours, your pots and pans will almost wash themselves and you avoid wasting time scrubbing.

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