Micro-Cleaning Series: Gain Control Over Housekeeping With These Three Simple Tricks

 Cleaning–a tiresome chore. But we’re willing to bet that many people hate cleaning because it’s time-consuming. Isn’t there a way to minimize your workload? Luckily, there is, with these three simple tips to help you gain control over your housekeeping.

 Minimize the stray hair mess. Next time you brush or blow-dry your hair over the sink, try this idea: place an old t-shirt or towel over the sink to pick up any loose strands. When you’re done, just shake it out in the garbage can. It’s that easy!

Compartmentalize toiletries. Most people’s bathroom vanities and sinks are filled with half-empty bottles and creams. Here’s a solution: organize your toiletries by category, and place them in small baskets that you can tuck away. Pedicure and manicure supplies go in one basket, while facial supplies go in another. Have only the “everyday” items within view: toothpaste, floss, contact lens solution, etc.

ABC’s = Always Be Cleaning. While you shouldn’t be obsessed with cleaning, it’s important to seize every opportunity and maximize your time and efforts.  Everyday, as you go from room to room, do a quick scan around to see what needs to be picked up, straightened, or quickly cleaned up. So, if you finish putting on make-up in the bedroom, put away any clothes on the bed or shoes on the floor. If you see a smudge in the mirror, clean that up. If time permits, you can do this to every room in the house. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in those 15 minutes before work–plus, your house be stay in order!


What’s the most important thing to remember? Be consistent–these tricks work best when you make them into a habit.

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