Clean Smarter!

The most efficient way to clean is to do it in small bouts on a daily basis, and most important, to have a method and system in place. Feeling overwhelmed by your housework? Implement these tips and you can drastically reduce your workload:

Create a “Clean-up” Kit near every major spot in the house. A cleaning kit can be as simple as a multi-purpose cleaner, a rag, and some Febreze, or a packet of disinfecting wipes and a spray-on rug cleaner. The contents of your clean-up kit will depend on where it will be used. So, a clean-up kit for the living room and den may consist of all the above products, plus  a spray to help you dust surfaces. The point is that having a cleaning kit nearby will make you more apt to clean messes when they happen, so they don’t pile up and haunt you later.

Keep a cordless vacuum (or three) handy. While you may spring for an expensive, professional vacuum, it’s good to have a cordless or lightweight vacuum near the major traffic spots–the entryway and living room, kitchen and dining room, and one for the bedrooms. Getting the dust and dirt off the floors is the fastest way to turn your house around when you just can’t bear to look at the mess anymore.

Keep the Dishwasher empty it’s not in use, and make it a habit to put all clean, dry dishes away. As the dishes accumulate throughout the day, you can stack them directly into the dishwasher. You’ll find that by the time dinner rolls around, your dishwasher will be full and you can just press the “on” button. Doing this every day may save you more time and water than just doing dishes several times a day by hand.

 What tips do you have for keeping a tight ship?

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