Delegating: Your New Best Friend

Delegating: Another Secret to Getting Things Done


Time-management isn’t about getting everything done. With the few hours in the day, you can’t spend it all working. Another secret to getting things done and maintaining your sanity is delegation.


Delegating isn’t about bossing people around or being lazy. It’s about asking for help when you need it, and there’s a secret to doing it right. Here’s what the pros know about effective delegation:


It’s About Opportunity Costs

Remember the term, “opportunity cost”?  In time-management, it’s the cost you incur when you sacrifice doing one task for the sake of completing another.  Ideally, you should always complete the tasks with the biggest payoffs (looking for a job, studying for that big exam, etc.), but there are times when tasks compete. So if you need to study for a big exam and plan an important dinner party, don’t feel guilty about hiring a tutor, a caterer, or cleaning service. It’s true–you can do all these things yourself, but these people give you the necessary backup to reap in the results.


Hire Experts

Hiring an expert is great for things like tax preparation or landscaping projects. Experts can breeze through work that takes you hours to complete. In fact, delegation works best when you can work with a group of other experts. For instance, paying landscapers to cut the grass and weed the garden has a short-term cost, but they’ll do it quickly and you’ll be able to spend that time doing the things you need or want to do.


At the end of a long day of delegating, you will be able to sit at your mighty throne and marvel at how much you were able to accomplish by simply being a bit bossy;-)


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