What will you do with 1440 minutes?

1440 Minutes in a Day: A Simple Trick To Keep You From Wasting Them


Let me start by saying this is a continuation from last week, so if you didn’t read last weeks blog, you may want to take a second to catch up!  Unfortunately, we’re not always great at time management. More often than not we wake up with the best intentions, only to find that we’ve chipped away at the minutes in our day with breaks, meetings, phone calls, and emails. The great irony is that although we spend so much time doing things, we feel less accomplished overall.

We fail to separate the “junk” tasks from the important ones. The result is “busy work” that leads to stress and false urgency. Anything that takes up your time, leaves you drained, and gets you further away from your goals is a “junk” task.


Luckily, there’s a secret to defeating this vicious cycle, and it’s rooted in one simple word. It’s a word that separates the pros from those stuck in the rat-race: “why?”


If you want to spend your time doing the things that you need to be doing, instead of the things that seem urgent, then ask yourself why you’re doing that task in the first place. A good reason is, “because this meeting/project/phone call will move me closer to achieving my professional/personal goal of X.” A bad reason is, “because I have to, ” or “because it seems urgent and it’s been bothering me.”


But here’s the catch: you need to write down your “whys” when you plan your day–every day. Next to each commitment, write one sentence of why (ultimately) you’re doing this thing. You’ll have a clearer vision for the day, and avoid the stressful pitfalls that leave you drained.


Before I forget, another important word for you to remember is “No”.  Some of you love to say “Yes” and help friends anytime you can without realizing that sometimes, you take on tasks for others while the things you actually need to do for you are sacrificed.  We all want to be considered a good friend, but there comes a time when you have to make sure you are being good to yourself as well.


I’ll see you next week, same time, same place,


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