Let’s get through the busiest part of the year by starting with Time Management

What’s the Most Important Aspect of Time Management?  Well, Doing the Most Important Things

We are entering the busiest time of the year so before things get to full throttle, I think we should make it a point to use our time wisely in an effort to make sure this year won’t feel as hectic as last year did.   Let’s not confuse organization with endless list-making and rigid schedules. A writer named Pausch told his readers that we should forget those tedious small tasks that only seem important; we should instead focus each day on the most important thing.  So what separates seamless time-management from a life of stress? It’s the following principles:

Question every task. Knowing to separate time-wasters from priorities takes practice. Successful people continuously ask, “how will this task move me closer to my goals?” If you have a deadline to file your taxes, by all means prioritize it; but if it’s running to the store for some groceries, delegate or postpone.

 Focus on the minimum. On any given day you should have only 2-3 really important tasks that need completion. If your list exceeds that number, postpone some of them and delegate others. Given, there will be times when you do have several important tasks to juggle, but those days should be few and far between. Practice focusing on only the most essential daily tasks–with time it’ll be instinctual.

 Plan your day. Before anything, jot down your daily priorities; it’ll help you complete them even when the emergencies pop up.  Eventually you’ll notice that the important stuff does get done, you’re less stressed, and consequently, those last-minute “fires” do actually extinguish themselves.

Things like this are sometimes easier said than done, but practice does make perfect!

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